Have I Or Haven’t I?

In Entertainment on February 4, 2008 at 2:59 pm

Okay, this is another thing why you SHOULD go online and windowshop.  Today’s find is a board game that threw me into questioning:

Haven’t I played this all these times?

Game of Life

Right.  I am sooooo getting this because I feel that the ‘real’ version is getting boring.  The Hasbro Game of Life, Ladies and Gentlemen, will spice things up next Friday night.  Judging from the box, it’s more colorful than life itself!  😀

  1. Oh man, I remember life! Just wanted to say welcome to wordpress, fellow blogcatalog member. It’s always a pleasure to meet new folks here.


  2. Hello from New York.
    Oh wow how funny. I wanted to buy this game for ages and never have yet. I will get it one day. I play Parcheesei a lot, it is a simple and fun game. Monopoly also. I play chess online when I get a chance usually 3 minute games. Not as good as I got older. Around 1300-1400 rating.
    Your blog is very nice.

  3. kdawg68: hello there Kevin 😀 nice to meet you too and yes, it’s a pleasure for me to meet fellow wordpressers in this cyber world. glad i finally joined blogcatalog after all these times 🙂

    Mike: hi Mike! i am a whiz at monopoly! 😀 here in Indonesia we have the local version, and believe me you wouldn’t recognize it. as for online games, i love online blackjacks -no betting real money, though. i’m kinda cheap that way. hahahahahaha 😀

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