Mi Familia

In Heartwarming, Randomness on January 12, 2008 at 11:35 pm

Right. I just came back from a full-blown family gathering at my cousin’s place. Random thoughts weirdnesses as follows:

1. Weird how it seems like only yesterday that we used to sweat in the sweltering heat playing with anything available to play with (read: bicycles, the neighbor’s cats, an uncle’s car) and mocking the boring adults who sit nicely and talk with obnoxious laughters thrown sporadically and yelling “CAREFUL!” at us, while today we became those boring adults who sit nicely and talk with obnoxious laughters thrown sporadically while neurotically yelling “CAREFUL!” to the kids sweating in the sweltering heat playing with anything available to play with and mocking US.

2. Weird how we all have turned into our moms. “This lontong is deelish! How do you make it? Ah, so you use a full cup of coconut milk! No wonder mine didn’t turn out as good.”

3. Weird how we have small kids kissing our hands while it seems like only yesterday we’re kissing the elders’ hands.

4. Weird how there are a lot of “Nyuwun Sewu” heard… FROM OUR MOUTHS instead of from our parents’. Man, we ARE Javanese!

5. Weird how we are the ones taking charge in the so-called family meeting, while the elders just sit there, agreeing with most of the things we say.

6. Weird how we seem to eat everything while it seems like only a couple of years back we were only interested in the desserts.

7. Weird how BIG the family actually is that we can’t remember the names of our nieces and nephews, while they seem to remember ‘that auntie with the curly hair who has the sparkly shoes’.

8. Weird how our parents don’t seem to have aged a day when they’re having fun hanging out together.

9. Weird how some of us who used to dread coming to these things but are now turning into mother gooses who suggest having such gatherings REGULARLY.

10. Weird how this suggestion is taken very seriously that we agreed to come up with a family bulletin.

11. Weird how I’ve always thought that my dad, the only child, actually has quite a number of cousins (read: even estranged blood-related aunts and uncles I’ve yet to meet).

12. Weird how I actually look forward to the next event in April.

Loud, obnoxious, mega eaters, gossip central, best cooks, politics trashers, but still very Javanese. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the larger part of my Javanese family. Man, and this is just a half of me.

Wait until you hear about the other half.

“Kapan kita bakudapaaaaa?”


  1. 13. weird how comfortable i felt when i was hanging out with your family, considering i don’t feel comfortable easily with strangers. well, that’s maybe because they are going to be part of my family too someday πŸ˜‰
    (wait… they are, aren’t they, be?)

  2. bebe: yes they are, be. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi … i enjoying reading this … so much like my family ..guess with the aging there come the ‘obnoxius’ wisely thinking …hehehe

    salam kenal

  4. Seems like mi familia too, and comes along with the “kapan nyusul” gubrak :))

  5. weird how as a kid I often protested anyone wearing minyak angin/minyak gosok because they smell like grannies. Now I started using them for my back or my tummy…hehehe!

  6. LOL at #2. Sooooo basa-basi, he heh. But being so far away right now, I miss those family gathering time. Kapan nyusul? He he he…

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