Sweet… Mother of God!

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on January 11, 2008 at 1:14 am

Okay, not gonna write much about this episode.  Just gathering up some thoughts on it.

1.  Loved the stress level put on Marc and Rovilson as the teams kept pooling up together.  Although these guys made it first (yet again), it was a wicked fun to see Rovilson’s stressed out face.  Yet he still managed to flirt with one of the Thailand girls.  HAHAHA!

2.  Loved the Nokia built-in.  Those messages from the teams’ closest people were very heartwarming.  Good job on this one, producers.

3.  Loved the damsel in distress task.  Very silly, but really it was fun to watch.

Aside from those three points, I was just sitting in front of the TV going “Nyeeh… okay…”. A sure sign for me experiencing mediocrity.

All in all, this was an ok episode.  But sweet mother of God, what are those bickering couples still doing in the race?  Dang it.  What are the producers trying to do?  Break them up?  Bore us down?  Geez!  Enough already with these two.  I think they’re just being kept in case the show gets boring because other teams are seriously racing that they can’t anymore afford losing due to some nonsense fightings.  Hence no drama.


I know I said it would be better to have real people on the show.  But the couple is too damn real it seems fake now.  Did they really fight?  Was there ever an enormous cause behind their constant tantrum-throwing and yo-yo emotions in their relationship?  Or were all of those fights SCRIPTED?

And now I am lost.  Seriously.

  1. Yeah, terri and henry were still in the race (again), marc and Rovilson still number one (again), Paula and natasha still had that ‘blonde moment'(again).

    Anyway, I like Pam & Vanessa better than Paula & Nat. It’s annoying to hear Paula & Nat screaming whenever they read the clue or their next destination.

    “Go to Frankurt, Germany” KYAAAAAA….
    “Go to the next pit stop” KYAAAAAA….

    Anyway, I just have the feeling that this episode was somewhat ‘fake’ but I don’t know where….

  2. mikearmand: riiiiggghhht??? you feel that too? wow! i thought i was the only one seeing the fakeness. you know i’m kinda bored seeing terri and henry in the show. paula and natasha are still ok, because whatever flavour they add to the show, they at least added something. right now i think i am rooting for the filipino hunks and the singaporean jocks. other teams who manages to catch up with them, methinks, are just plain lucky. the real drama would be if the hunks are eliminated. not when terri yells to her husband yet again.

  3. Maybe the fakeness was when Marc n Rovilson showed and flashed their credit card several times ? OR when they went to ‘strip club’ ? OR it could even be the whole episode

  4. Hi…am a big fan of amazing race (asia and the original). I still think that the producers are trying to hype up the race a bit this season with lots of public figures and well known personalities.

    I wonder why Henry can put up with Terry for 13 years with all those bickering. Hahahaha…love is strange.

    I like season 1 better though — especially when Mardy and Marsio is the last team to be eliminated (unlike Kinar and Brett — yo Kinar, you’re a lithe woman, why can’t you climb up???)

  5. augustmist: hi there. great to have you here. and yes, i like season 1 far better because i loooooovvveee team M&M to bits! oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in season 2!

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