Save The Plastic Bags, Save The World!

In Image Post, Sarcasm on January 7, 2008 at 2:33 am

As posted previously in my Indonesian blog.

I am no environmentalist. Dude, I still smoke and drive a gasoline-powered car. But I’m trying to cut down paper use. Trying to not litter. And lately I’ve been trying to save electricity with any means possible. I know about the global warming although I really think the campaigns are overrated. And it’s so overrated that some geniuses at our local Carrefour Hypermarket decided to help save the environment without really knowing what to do. Why do I say so? Well they issued these so-called special edition shopping bags, as seen in its ITC Permata Hijau branch.


In case you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, the text says: “Save The Environment For A Better Tomorrow”.

Well I guess tomorrow’s not gonna be better because the bag itself was made from… omg, it’s a total shocker! It’s not paper, it’s not fabric… it’s… PLASTIC! I tried to confirm it by searching a price sign around it and was rather flabbergasted when I found this:


Surely PLAS isn’t short for PLASBRIC or anything resembling the use of fabric or paper.

Man. And to top it all, you have to pay 2 thousand IDR or 2 cents for it. Well here are my two cents:

1. Plastic to save the environment? Dude, today’s five year olds know better.
2. The design is downright hideous. Even a person who, according to her personaldna report, opts for form before function, does not get tempted to buy it.
3. If this is intended to mock the environmentalists, then you guys have done a great job.

My country, ladies and gentlemen. Always funny in a weird way.


  1. Miund,

    I remember back in 1997, a German friend of mine who worked in Indonesia for a couple of years had this habit that always made people cringe every time he went for his grocery shopping at Setiabudi shop in Bandung. He and his wife always carry a big plastic carrier basket to keep all their purchases. They also separated wet and dry garbage and even making separate container for cokes cans or the likes. I think we have to put this environment awareness in our school curriculum.

  2. Well, they believe that ‘anything’ green is natural

  3. Maybe…just maybe…the plastic bag is intended to be used more than one or twice, and made from an ingredients that are more biodegradable than the usual plastic bag (shorter degradation time). I got this kinda bag from bodyshop several months ago, and it is written all that information…”please feel free to use this bag more than once…bla….bla…bla…”
    The written information is really the highlight of the campaign itself, rather than just putting big yellow “selamatkan lingkungan….bla…bla…” which is basi banget hehehehehe…………..

  4. The plastic bag is to be used more than once and it’s so OK when the plastic bag costs Rp 2,000. Jadi biar orang ga langsung buang itu plastic bag. I do agree with the system in Germany that you have to pay for a plastic bag otherwise you should bring your own plastic/canvas bag. I remember how the faces of mBa² at Bread Talk looked like, when I refused to use small plastic bags for each bread I bought. Duh buang² plastik banget kan itu namanya – and I payed a paper box instead. Mereka bilang: Duh Ibu, nanti roti² brantakan..bla bla bla.. but I didn’t care, nanti masuk perut itu roti² juga pada kecampur, m? 😀 The best next step to help the mother earth, kayana harus dimulai dari qta masing².

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