Korea Race? Rocks.

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on January 4, 2008 at 1:21 am

I strangely don’t feel like writing about this episode.  Not that it’s not good or anything. In fact, the race quality is improving. I just don’t feel like it.  But then I am keeping my promise to write after I watch every single episode of TARA 2.

I guess driving is the key theme for this episode.  The tasks weren’t boring, in fact they were interesting and very… Korea-ish.  First task… a road block: they had to look for clues inside hundreds of soybean pots.  Had to be very frustrating.   Second, a choice between carrying woods -Korean style- or throwing sticks.  Very challenging, physically, as both test one’s strength and accuracy.  Third, paddling a  swan boat.  Must be very tiring, but lucky for those who spends hours on spinning classes.  Dumb blonde moment as admitted by Paula and Natasha weren’t as dumb as trying to hump a kerbau (HAHAHAHA! Forgetting to untie a boat could happen to anybody, but hump-a-rump attempt on the paddy field is another story).  And then off to the pit stop. And yeah, Allan Wu was really cute.  I was ready to claw the somewhat flirty Korean girl who stood beside him to greet the contestants.  Yeah.  Envious me.


Sounded very simple.  Yeah because they were.

Aside from the seemingly boring race as teams were mostly stuck in traffic, the frustrations on how to get to their destinations were caught perfectly on camera.  Now I’m not talking about the constant yelling by who else, our “favorite” Terri, I’m talking about Marc and Rovilson who competed closely with Adrian and Collin.  Gotta tell ya, these two teams have nothing but the race on their minds and their attitudes were admirable.  Even when they were frustrated.  They were GOOD racers in most of the legs, and I do hope to see these two teams on the final race.

Pam and Van got into a fight in the car because they accidentally took a wrong turn and spent a lot of time in the traffic.  But then they managed to come in third.  Great job!

Desperate Housewives.  Um, I don’t get too many emotions from this team.  Prolly because they’re older and wiser.

Paula and Natasha started with a flat.  And so far, I’ve got to say that their fun-ness and vivacity are similar to Marc and Rovilson’s, it’s just too bad they didn’t come close to the first two teams.  Otherwise, it would be fun to see these (surprisingly nice) “mean girls” compete with two all-male teams.  Note to the girls: be meaner, girls.  You got the look!

On to the last team who said they wouldn’t beg for money despite their last place in the race.  That’s what she said.  He?  Oh sshh… wait.  He’s crying.  CRYING, dude.  Seriously.  I feel ya, dude, must be hard to have an annoying-tantrum-throwing-yelling wife.  But to break down and cry?  An ex-marine.  Crying.  With the whole Asia watching.  In a reality show.  I just hope it was scripted.

Good race, good TV.  Not so much a good cry-fest, though.

Man, why do I feel the sudden urge to make a parody comic strip of this season’s contestants?   This explains the not-really-wanting-to-write mood.
Hang on, lemme get my markers.

  1. Well, I just didn’t have that kind of ‘excitement’ when I watched this episode. Honestly, Marc n Rovilson is (one of my favorite teams, but hey it just didn’t feel right when they always arrived the first (for the 5th time !!!)

    Anyway I still don’t get it, why other teams ‘hated’ the desperate housewives ? was it because they did not say ‘hello’ ??

    About that crying thingy ?? Felt like I was watching a sinetron …

  2. mikearmand: got your sentiments, mike. yeah, actually as i watched the rerun, it wasn’t as exciting as the previous episode. but then uh huh, it doesn’t feel right to have the hunks arrive first yet again. the singaporeans are way strong too. maybe lady luck plays a huge part there. and yeah, why DO they hate the desperate housewives? i think some tapes were missing in the editing room. and again yes, i feel like watching TERSANJUNG 10 seeing a grown man cry like a baby for the whole continent to watch. how pathetic. let’s see if he’ll cry again next week when they race with no money.

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