A Season Of Quitters

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on December 14, 2007 at 1:15 pm

‘Tis the season to be moody… fa la la la la la la la laaaa!

I watched the newest episode of The Amazing Race Asia last night while having dinner.  It was a scrumptious and delicious one indeed.

The dinner, I mean.

The competition itself… not so much.

You can read about the whole episode here.  I am just going to jot down some of my opinions.

1.  I know I bitch about them all the time for being good looking and too good to be true.  But I think now it’s appropriate to say that Marc and Rovilson actually have the rightest attitude for the show.  Enthusiastic, frustrated at times but still manages to support each other.  And I could see that all those hours at the gym paid off.  By far, they are among the fittest teams.  Would like to see them macho it up on a more girly task.  Seeing them weave the headband was entertainment enough because it gave a slight hope of them being stalled and jumped over by other teams.  But no, they’re even too male for losing.  Let’s just hope they keep up a good race in future episodes.

2.  My favorite Singaporeans, Adrian and Collin, are apparently one of the fittest teams around.  Loved their determination and coordination, especially when doing the Maori dance thing.  Not much to say but great job, dudes!

3.  VJ Paula and Natasha did good.  Let’s hope they won’t have dumb blonde moments.  I’m beginning to keep an eye on them.  They could be tough competition.

4.  Malaysian sisters got pissed by the Filipino couple in the mud.  Yeah because Henry stole the stick from beneath.

5.  Right, the above sentence doesn’t sound right.  Why did it sound dirty?  Screw it. Read the synopsis on their website.  You’ll know what I mean.

6.   Daichi and Sawaka.  Like all Japanese, they are quiet but determined.  They earned their place.  And one quote from Daichi is quite memorable:  “It is a race, but it’s not worth your life”.  Nice one dude.

7.  The dancing mums are crazy!  They are fitter than I imagined they would be!  Man.  Ok, I’ll keep rooting for the Singaporeans, but I’m rooting for them too now.  Go mums!

8.  Henry and Terri.  Ok, first I thought their arguments are cute and I thought that’s the kind of thing that would happen after 13 years of marriage.  But after last night, I’d have to say that Terri was downright childish and it amazes me how Henry could keep up with her for 13 years.  Oh wait, maybe he spent most of the time at sea anyway.  Terri’s behavior strangely reminds me of my maid’s sulking sessions whenever she doesn’t get to do what she wants.  Throwing tantrums and being just ugly to her husband on international TV?  Yeah I think my maid WOULD do such thing, and we don’t need to watch that kind of thing on pay TV, we got lots of those on local TV.  If we’re looking for nausea, we’d just watch our local sinetron and get it all over with.  They probably gave enough drama for one episode and as some would say, it’s probably regarded as ‘good tv’, but I still think it’s just annoying.  There’s a thin fine line between drama and annoyance anyway.  When one stoop as low as yelling to one’s significant other in public, it’s tasteless.  Or as we say in Indonesian:  kampungan deh.

9.   Ah finally, the pretty Aurelia and the frustrated Sophie.  Well I’ve been feeling sorry for Sophie since the start because they just don’t look right together.  Aurelia talks too much because when nothing is controlling the mouth, it does tend to go out of control.  I really doubt that Aurelia possess one thing that we call… um… what’s it called again?  Oh yeah… BRAIN.  For chrissake, how long does it take to FILL UP GAS in a car?  Dumb brunette. Or is it a dye job?  Hey wait, I got a riddle:  How many blondes does it take to fill up gas?  Answer: one doe-eyed brunette in a very bad dye job.  HAHA!

Ok, with Aurelia and Sophie gone, at least we wouldn’t see any more dumb blonde moments that the producers really loved to exploit.  I look forward for more memorable tasks too, like the Sony Walkman search on the first season, for instance.  Errr… or just forget it.

At least until the quitter-free teams leave the show.

Fa la la la la la la la laaaa!

  1. One funny thing is when Henry called Ann and Diane as ‘The Desperate Housewives team’. Like his own wife is not desperate …

    Yeah too bad for Aurelia & Sophie (wait, they are bad anyway). I love Aurelia accent though with that hissing.

    About that Loud-mouthed lady, she continues to argue and fight at TARA forum. She writes about his husband as being ‘sex addict’ and stuff.

  2. mikearmand: what? really? i am currently reading stuff on the forum but which one? which one? uuuu this is juicy! HAHAHAHAKKK!

  3. try the forum and pick a thread which terri wrote (she uses ‘team 75’ or something)
    you can also read the post at Henri and terri profile

  4. here try this one :


    And I want to correct my previous post, Terri is definitely not a lady

  5. mikearmand: OH MY GOD THAT IS SCARY! geez! you know what, i thought TARA is a reality show, how come the INTERNET FORUMS are more GRIPPING than the TV SHOW? THIS IS GOOD TV MATERIAL! AAAHAHAHAAKHAKAKAHKKK!

    mikearmand you made my day (and others’ too, methinks)!

  6. mikearmand: you know, i begin to think this is the producers’ doing. editing parts so it looks like terri is a monster. too bad they don’t make her as crazy as the answerer in the forum. HAHAHAHAHKAHKAKK!

  7. Yeah they certainly can’t portray henry as a sex monster, instead they show Terry as the monster. Who’s the real monster anyway ?? Wait, ‘the monster’ always get the credit right ? They can be more famous than the ‘human’.

    When I think about this whole drama thingy, I think that ASIA could never make a good reality show. They just end up like some cheap and crappy drama.

  8. mikearmand: LOL. and i would just be singing… “fa la la la la la la la laaaaa!”

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