The World Is MAD

In Daily Annoyance, Eyesore, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on December 13, 2007 at 12:22 pm

I never liked it when I actually watch or read serious news.  It made me sad, depressed and disgusted ever so often.

It was quite a bummer to see Basuki, the comedian, died so suddenly out of a heart-attack.

But then I was faced with the most offending news ever in RCTI’s Bulletin Siang.  The handsome anchor delivered a news about a container, stuck at Tanjung Priok, filled with USED CONDOMS from Germany.  Not only that, they actually filmed what’s inside the container.  It made me sick.  How can they release such news ON LUNCHTIME?  To add the nausea factor, they even portrayed facts about how these used condoms are used for ladies’ hairbands.  Tsk.  RCTI.  Thank you for getting rid of my appetite.  You suck.

Aside from the icky news,

I found it really disgusting that what we wear on our HEADS were once used as contraceptive tools.  God knows where they’ve been and how.

It’s funny how a drunken one night stand can end up making you look pretty.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days God get bored with human beings’ antics and decides to pull the plug so the earth stops spinning and doomsday will finally arrive.

The world is getting ridiculously mad.

  1. these used condoms… were they cleaned first before they shipped them?

  2. bebe: from what i saw on tv, i really doubt it. EUGH!

  3. they said it was rejected product not used condoms. but here we still have a stupid government!

  4. Eeeeewwweee… Something wrong with our TV station, they should filter that kind of things. We don’t want to see those used condom on our TV screen.

  5. wow! really? so somebody did take my suggestions seriously! should i feel flattered, amused or shocked?

  6. omg, seriously? real used condoms??

  7. chubbycheek: they WERE used condoms. i don’t know whether i should put the blame on the government or not (yet).

    ecky: tell that to those dudes at RCTI News dept. ick.

    lenje: yes really. but then, you didn’t mention that the condoms used for those ideas of yours are icky USED condoms, riiitteee? 😀

    anima: yes. and the amount is mountainous, which NOW makes me wonder… how many people had safe sex and how long did it take to gather all those rubber?

  8. I received similar e-mail (with pictures) few weeks ago about that used condoms, but it was products from China.

    My friends (girls) are in ruckuss now over that hairbands. They throw away all of their hairbands. Then, I said that they won’t get pregnant by wearing ‘condom hairbands’

    Anyway, that is truly disgusting. Like, there aren’t enough used condoms here in indonesia …

  9. Hi Miund, stumbled on your blog by accident.

    I don’t read/hear/see the local news… cos it’s just so depressing. Dunno why, it just is.

    And by reading your post today, I’ve finally decided
    never to watch the local news again… e v e r.

  10. Hey, at least those condoms were made, or used, in Germany. Pretty good quality, I suppose… 😉

    Imagine if these condoms were imported from East Asia countries. There would’ve been twice as many condoms in Tanjung Priok for the same amount of rubber required! And they may have been used more than once already… hahaha… 😀

  11. mikearmand: yep it is quite disgusting to know that your hair is tied with a used condom. me no likey.

    Alia: hi Alia, thank you for stopping by and yeah, local news sucks. hey, i browsed through your site and multiply and i got introduced to polyvore. mega THANK YOU for introducing me to polyvore! 😀 and from an addict to another, i say… this one is the ultimate “merchandise”! HAHAHAHKAHKK! loving polyvore!

    bleu: well bleu, maybe you are right. but then, i guess for larger use of rubber, we might as well import from the middle-east. i heard they are quite bigger size-wise. AHAHAHAAHAKHAAKHAKHKKK! 😀

  12. They got another container of that used condoms today according to this news: http://www.detik.com/indexberita/indexfr.php It’s millions of used condoms which weight 26 tons!!

    What I wonder is who did the collecting part, yuuucccckkkkk!

  13. China is the leading country to recycle the used condoms as hair bands. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22751899-23109,00.html
    It is sickening indeed especially if they were not sterilised. I think that is the cost of being trying to be cheap producer-country and sounds like environmentalist.

    The world is indeed mad but I don’t find broadcasting such news is disgusting or making me losing appetite. People deserved to know what is going on what item they used on daily life come from. You are such a spoiled girl. There are crazier news that should caused people living in despair such as turnmoil in Sudan, Iraq, global warming or even Jakarta’s never ending flooding problem due inefficiencies of city management. That kind of news made me sick and ill..

  14. […] bekas dari Jerman. Tapi awalnya saya kurang peduli dengan berita ini hingga saya membaca blog Nn. Miund […]

  15. Pena Budaya: well well, thank you very much for dropping by, leaving a lengthy comment and judging me before you even know who i really am. and no, your nickname doesn’t make you any smarter than i am. if you are not disgusted by such news, then kudos to you. (or should i be doing cartwheels?) for your information, i am not asking for your nor anybody’s approval through any of my posts here. so if you feel offended by my “spoiled” being, then bugger off. this blog does not welcome cowards who would not even leave a trail or disclose any identity.

    and yeah, it’s better to be spoiled than to be a coward. we spoiled girls have something you common people don’t have and that something makes good people want to spoil us all the time. if you can’t live with that, that’s your problem.

    thank you and don’t ever come back.

  16. this piece is an opinion form the writer’s point of view. writing about this particular issue does not mean the writer does not care about anything else that’s going on.

    cowards never leave trails.

    oh and say hi to your pain-in-the-ass partner, achmad sudarsono. does he finally have a life now? .

  17. bebe: you know what i don’t get? these sort of cowards who never leave any trails whatsoever and claim to hate me (and/or) my posts, apparently come back more often than those who are actually civil to me. this doesn’t make any sense because in the simplest logic, when you hate something so much, you are bound to avoid it right? now, is it so wrong to call them… um, i don’t know… brainless? yeah i guess not.

  18. miund said “so if you feel offended by my “spoiled” being, then bugger off. this blog does not welcome cowards who would not even leave a trail or disclose any identity.”

    excused my comment if that was hurting you. but sincerely, you asked for it. what is the reason for blogging if no one is giving any comments or just only your friends who always give nice comments? btw, if you were acting like this, you sounded like what i thought earlier.

    call me whatever you would like to, not am trying to be cowards, but i am just working class who have don’t have privileged to run a blog but having enough time to read and giving opinions as what it is on my mind.

    and don’t worry, this will be my last visit to your blog.

  19. Pena Budaya: thank you for declaring that this is your last visit to this blog. your “excuse” isn’t accepted and yes, maybe as a spoiled brat i should not brush shoulders with you, self-righteous people, to avoid negativity that will surface. and i don’t have to explain my reasons for blogging to you or anybody else and if this is seen like a bratty behavior to you, then deal with it rather than spreading useless negativity. this is my blog, and i will only approve comments i like and if it bothers you, haha maybe you should start your own blog and see how you’ll react to rude commentators like yourself.

    feel free to think whatever you think of me, after all it’s your own small mind at work there. just so you realize: you don’t even know me and now you’ll never will. and it’s your loss.

    good bye.

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