Big Girl, Are You Beautiful?

In Daily Annoyance on December 10, 2007 at 1:08 pm

I’m intoxicated by Mika’s song titled ‘Big Girl You Are Beautiful’.  But then the question remains… is big really beautiful for girls?

I was born with a tendency to baloon up whenever I don’t exercise, and I do LOVE to eat.  Although compared to the likes of Queen Latifah and Pretty Asmara I’m quite small, I still consider myself as ‘big’.  Big as in whenever I stroll around the nearest ITC shopping complex, the loud salespersons would yell out “Ada ukurannya nih kak!” or loosely translated as “Hey we have YOUR size!”  which has a hidden “You are fatter than our regular customers but we feel sorry for you so we provide a limited selection of clothes that would PROBABLY fit you” meaning.  And yeah, as many would have guessed, the clothes usually don’t fit.

That is appalling, I must say.

Not to mention in posh malls, where they have this occasional promo on slimming belts that said to ‘vibrate your fat away’.  What a load of crap.  And the salespersons almost always come up to me to offer their products.  It’s hard to live in this anti-fat world with a just wee bit of fat hanging on your tummy, thighs, arms and cheeks.  A bit chubby then you’ll instantly be the target of stupid slimming product marketers.  Why not put big girls on a parade so skinny people are free to throw them rotten eggs altogether?  That way, it saves the daily embarrassments that usually comes when one isn’t expecting them.

I used to admire campaigns thrown by the likes of The Body Shop and other beauty products that celebrate ‘real women’.  But now I am beginning to wince a little whenever I see these sort of campaigns.  Of course they are supporting big girls.  They’re selling make-ups!  You don’t need to be skinny to wear make-up!  In fact, you’ll use MORE make-up than the average skinny girls because you have wider cheeks and no cheekbones so you are required to put MORE shadings to create the illusion of a non-existent set of cheekbones.   And when the time comes to use models to promote their products, they’ll use yet another skinny model.  Again, a lot of crap, methinks.

Another thing that annoys me the most are the girls who wouldn’t finish what’s on their plates.  They think everything is too much.  Couldn’t they just order half of the menu instead of leaving the plate messy?  This comes from my experience as a part time busgirl way back in college.  It is so downright annoying to scrape the food remains and throw them into the trash bin.  And it shows the unwillingness to commit to what they do.  How can these people finish a job they started when they can’t even finish what they ordered?

And another thing is the skinny girls who think they are fat and complains to people around them about being fat.  I usually retort to these sort of complains by saying: “You want my fat?  I’ll gladly give ’em to ya.”  That usually shuts them up because they never dreamed how it feels like to only be able to shop at premium clothing stores because the generic ones does NOT welcome any sizes larger than 8.

As annoyed as I am with those things I mentioned earlier, and as strongly I support the ‘beauty is within’ saying, I begin to think that being fat is not healthy, thus would make you ugly.  How can somebody be beautiful from within when all she thinks about is how her clothes don’t fit anymore?  It’s not healthy for the mind.  And if the mind is sick, it’s almost guaranteed that it would show on the face, the body language… even the attitude.  And the result is never good.

I joined a gym just recently and figured that I feel happier when my fat percentage measurement lessen rather than obsessively checking on my weight.  When asked about my goal, I instinctively said that I want to be able to fit into my old clothes which are only two sizes away from my current size 14.  I figured I don’t want to be as slim as a supermodel…

…because then if I get as slim as those so-called airheads, I would make the news as the first perfect woman on earth.

Let’s just say I want to keep the balance in nature and not steal the models’ hard job of sporting an obviously made-up pout, staring blankly into space while walking up and down catwalks.

  1. hei girl..thanks for speak up for me..
    i feel just the same..
    i dont envy them who have ideal sizes..
    but i cant stand watching them complained about how ‘FAT’ they are.
    yea right. we should speak it nationally so they’ll shutt up!

  2. Und, you are beautiful for what you are. If you want to loose some weights do it for you self ya don’t do it just because what people think of you.

    Another brainwash from the media that beautiful is skinny, that is soo wrong, healthy is the most important of all.

  3. miSSiSSma: well writing on a blog that’s listed on a so-called list does the trick, don’t you think? *wink* thanks for stopping by, missy!

    ecky: oh girl, this post isn’t about insecurity of any kind. i am just so fed up with thin people who think they are fat. i’m proud of my size and am exercising to fit in my own old clothes which aren’t exactly size zero. and as much as i love fashion, i despise its ‘standards’. that’s the point.

  4. i think i’m fat.

  5. bebe: oh shut up. you know i love you and your hunky bod.

  6. Watched E! last night, many celebs start to fight back to the media because media calls them fat because they are size 2 not size ZERO.

    But I am FAT in certain area, don’t you think? Ohh dear… I start to sounds like those people whahahaha

  7. Most guys don’t like skinny girls anyway. 8 out of 10 guys I asked never said Kate Moss is sexy. So why we keep pushing ourselves to be thinner? It’s for other girls!! Not for men!

    The celebrities and models HAVE to be skinny because the designers don’t like them parading the creations and everyone looks at the models, not clothes, so they try to have the smallest models who wouldn’t distract audience’s attention. If they find some other medium to show their creations off, they wouldn’t use human being in the first place.

    There’s a big relieve here in the UK when Trinny & Susannah released a new book and they have the show (T&S dressing the nation or something like that), where they show people that the same dress, the same size, when is put on different people will look totally different. Size 12 in Mrs.A will look different with size 12 in Mrs.B. So they now emphasize in shape instead.

  8. ecky: ahahahahaha… yeah i watched jennifer love-hewitt’s protest about her being called ‘fat’ by media. it’s funny that they refer to her as ‘fat’ but refer to queen latifah as ‘curvy’. hypocrites.

    Anita: yeah that’s a relief. you know there’s one designer in indonesia that won’t even produce any size larger than 6… except if you’re really wealthy. so it’s not about ‘fashion aesthetic’ anymore. it’s about money in the end. how sickening.

  9. is big really beautiful for girls?

    the answer is depend on your husband or boyfriend, isnt it?

  10. I hate the campaign of skinny and white skin are beautiful. For me it’s more on healthy reason and being clean.

    Reason why I don’t want to be fat is because it’s not so healthy and I won’t feel comfortable on clothes. Comfortable feeling is berrryyyy important because it makes you feel confidence. Confidence, but not over-confidence :p

  11. Yeah, those damn salespersons. They target either people who they think need to lose some weights, or male whose hair is thinning. I fall into both categories. Damn those salespersons!!

  12. pudakonline: no. it depends on whether one is comfortable or not being BIG. that’s what i think anyway.

    Ibeth: i have the same reasons on not wanting to be any bigger than i already am beth! 😀 being healthy and comfortable is very important to me 😀

    bleu: i think there’s a special section somewhere between heaven and hell to train these salespeople when they are given second chances. but i think it’s kinda useless. they’d go to hell anyway. HAHAHHAAHKAHKAKAHKKK!

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