This Blog Matters (?)

In Miund's News on December 9, 2007 at 9:53 pm

A blog buddy, Anita, told me that this blog is listed in IndonesiaMatters’ Top 100 Indonesian Blogs.  She congratulated me and I thank her now.  Thank you, Anita.

As you might have suspected, I am not really a fan of ranks.  I boldly said so here.

But thank you regardless for IndonesiaMatters, for taking the time and effort to list down blogs with enough traffic to make it on the list.  It always amazes me how people can be so diligent in doing these sort of things.  Especially those blokes on E! Channel with their entertaining 101 lists that I watch from time to time, especially at the gym.

Anyway, this blog does matter to me.  But to other people?  I have no idea.  Afterall, I talk about shite stuff, and judging by the number 90 position… I am glad that most people are still sane enough to not read shite.  HAHHAHAHAKAAHKKK!

Oh yeah, congrats (is it really a congratulatory moment, I wonder) to my fellow bloggers who made the list as well: Mr. Bleu, Mr. Anima, Ms. Jennie, Mr. Unspun, Mr. IndCoup and Mr. Jakartass.  Well these are the blogs I frequently hop.  The rest, not so much.  So there.

Now if you all would excuse me, I’m feeling very drowsy.


  1. Congratulation ya Neng Miund 😉

  2. ecky: 😀 does this call for a sushi night out? :D:D

  3. Yes pleaseeeee…. Hmm… I’m drooling, i can taste salmon sashimi in my mouth yummm

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