Indonesia GONE Already?

In My Amazing Race Asia Addiction on December 9, 2007 at 9:26 pm

It’s not fair for people at AXN and ActiveTV if I don’t keep my promise to post my thoughts about The Amazing Race Asia after bitching so much about the contestant lineup.  So after a so-called ‘temporary hiatus’, I am back now.  Full forced and recharged.  Yeah work have been a bitch, but the bitch pays the bills.  What can I say.

Anyway yeah, let’s just start with the first episode.

The first episode was quite exciting, I must say.  Kicking off in Singapore, the first tasks appeared to be a wee bit too easy at first… but as the teams reached Suntec City, I think that’s when the show really started.  Too bad none took the Stairs challenge.  I thought it would be cool to watch the pretty Marc and Rovilson panting out of exhaustion.  But nay, they’re way too male to take such a sissy-ass task.  Then what?  Oh, they’re off to the Philippines to eat some (understandably) gross balut eggs.  I loved the sight of the macho guys beaten by the Malaysian girls who gulped down the eggs like monsters.  Guess the guys have the brawn, but not the stomach.  Ha.  A stupid thing happened when our lovely Kinar and her partner Brett arrived at the balut stall.  After downing some eggs, Kinar took a drink from a mysterious bottle.  Her lover threw her a sideways look and said coolly: “Honey, that’s the sauce.”  Yeah, our Kinar, ladies and gentlemen.  She likes to drink sauce.  I wonder if she does that with our regular abang siomay peanut sauce here in Jakarta.  Hm.

As expected, nobody got eliminated even that annoying Hongkong couple, Edwin and Monica, who arrived last.  I don’t know, there’s something about this couple that I couldn’t stand.  The guy thinks he’s all that, and the girl has absolutely no personality at all.  Which brings me back to the question:  Why the hell did they choose this couple?  Wait, oh yeah I forgot.  She’s Miss China.

Okay on to the next episode.

Episode 2 was okay.   Starting with rather boring ‘drama’ when Paula and Natasha from Thailand ran out of cash.  Sure they’d get cash easily from people.  They reminded me of the beauty queens  team from TAR.  Beautiful babes with cameras around them.  Who wouldn’t give them money for the sake of a 15 minute of fame?  Sheesh.

Next task was ploughing the muddy field with a carabao (known to us, Indonesians, as KERBAU).  Now this task apparently had measured our common knowledge as true Indonesians.  As far as I remember, the teachers back in  elementary school told me stories about farmers ploughing the paddy fields.  I tried to think positively: maybe our dear Kinar didn’t go to school here in Indonesia, hence her attempt to get on the BACK of the KERBAU rather than getting down and dirty to control the animal from behind just like the farmers in the pictures from my elementary school books.  And again, I tried to think positively: maybe this, is what Mr. McKay from ActiveTV meant by ‘good TV’.  Yeah.  Dumb blondes are always funny even when they aren’t exactly blonde.

The next task, now this is good TV to me, is delivering packages to an orphanage.  It’s similar with TAR’s task in Kenya if I’m not mistaken, only this one’s done rather too quickly.  I have to admit Marc and Rovilson stole my heart when they managed to play a little with the kids who were all over them.  Well they’re in first place and have ample time anyway, so what they did was indeed good and it produced a good tv moment.  The rest of the teams didn’t do so well here, as I remembered one of the girl teams (I forgot which one) screeching and saying stuff like “Oh my God, they’re all over me!” like the kids were monsters or something.  Grow up, girls.  Maybe if you do, you’ll be granted some maternal instinct to go with that good looks.

Afterwards it was detour time.  The teams were faced with a choice between assembling a bicycle and sorting out hundreds of shoes.  Quite mind-boggling.  Props for those who chose the bicycle, especially for Henry who managed to shut Terri’s loud mouth up while demonstrating his bicycle savvy skills.  The Hongkong couple annoyed me to the core this time, but I was kinda relieved that they were absolutely going to be eliminated.  The guy threw tantrums so many times I wanted to punch him in the face while the girl just stayed quiet and acted helpless to the guy’s bickering.  She made me nauseous for portraying a powerless Asian woman on the show.  Whatever.  At least they’re out of the show now.

Now the most recent episode, a.k.a episode 3.

Started out with a fight between Henry and Terri (yeah, both ended up crying) -I don’t think the argument on Terri wanting to be in the first place should make either of them cry, but then maybe they’re just both drama queens- it’s Hongkong time now, and the first task was for the team to count money in local currency.  I thought it was a simple task, but lots of teams failed to do it right the first time.  Hm.  You gotta give it to the Japanese on this one, and forget the pretty VJ and her friend.  After all, when brains are needed… well, you do the math.  And then, the teams flew to New Zealand.  I don’t quite get why it took so fucking long for Brett and Kinar to find their vehicle.  As the teams begin to head to their first destination in NZ and got their clues (read: more FINDING STUFF), I got a sneaking feeling that this would be the last of Brett and Kinar that we would see on this race.

Next task would be to find three things written on the clue card and take photographs of the things with a Sony camera.  Aces to Marc and Rovilson for finding theirs quite quickly.  Other teams traded locations.  Reminded me of TAR’s many negotiations between teams.  I think this is the first time there’s ever negotiations happened in TARA.  Interesting to watch, really.  Meanwhile, our lovely Kinar and Brett were still at the airport… LOOKING for their car.  And finally arrived at the site when nobody already left to the next destination.  Okay, they apparently did so bad in finding ONE car… now they have to look for THREE items?  Hm.

There’s no New Zealand without AJ Hackett Bungee Jumping.  As predictable as this task looked in the first place, teams were either: ecstatic to bungee for free or scared to death it made them wanna pee.  Boring.  Next task, a roadblock.  Will they climb walls or go canoeing?  The Singaporeans, Adrian and Collin proved their fitness as they climbed the wall easily.  Cicak Man would be so proud.  While at the waters, Henry and Terry went overboard.  I found it very funny as Henry commented: “If that boat weighed 97,000 tons, and had a couple of nuclear reactors, we would have no problem.” Man I couldn’t stop giggling.  But my giggle stopped when I see Aurelia got so freaking annoying.  I feel sorry for Sophie, her ex-roomate, because the rule of ‘pretty and dumb’ vs ‘so-so but brainy’ plays a role here.  Man, what could be more frustrating than to be stuck with a stupid and spoiled pretty girl who pays thousands of dollars but can’t muster up enough strength to climb a wall?  Tsk tsk.  So very typical.  This is why you use REAL people instead of mannequins for such show.  

And the ‘spooky end’ wasn’t all that spooky to me.  I mean come on, no western ghost could scare me as I am very much used to Indonesia’s kuntilanak, wewe gombel and such.  Too bad the Indonesian team was still trying to climb up the wall and gave up midway and decided to switch tasks.  The horror for them was finding out that the kayaking thing has closed, I think. 

As many would have guessed since this episode started, the Indonesian team didn’t make it.

Some might have made fun of Mardi and Marsio last season and rooted for Kinar and Brett this season because they’re less fat when compared to the bulky brothers.  But those chubby guys still have my heart for striving to be the top four.  Kinar and Brett?  They managed to be the top two… FROM THE LAST.  And the whining, the crying, kerbau humping and sauce drinking are still NOT what I would classify as ‘good TV’ although the race itself is on an OK ground.  Not excellent, just OK.

See now why I think real people works better for the show?


  1. Yipiie…first comment!

    I rush to open ur blog right after watching Kinar and Bret stumble down.
    perhaps NOW it will be a good TV, after those two were cut out.
    it is so frustating to see them on the race without any figthing spirit. Perhaps they think it’s just another vacation trip, where they can kiss and kiss anytime anywhere. yaiiiksss!!

  2. meeyaa: well i personally don’t mind the kissing, they were lovers anyway and lovers do that. and actually they were charged and full of spirit. i just can’t stand the dumb blonde moments that kept repeating itself. AAHAHAHAHAHKAHAHKAKK!

  3. yea they think it’s just another vacation. choosing them to participate in the race is clearly not a very brilliant choice, they contributed none to what the audience were waiting for.

  4. Agree with Miund, too many dumb blonde moments on this ARA 2, and not to mention of Kinar’s annoying voice.. oh dear….

  5. bebe: yep indeedio.

    ecky: hey, you got me thinking… maybe they used the celebs to gain THOSE dumb blonde moments and produce those annoying whining sounds. who knows, right?

  6. I think they really represented ‘Indonesia’ where people here just ‘go with the flow’. Look at the postive side, they did not fight (yeah that’s the only good thing)

  7. After I found out that Marc’s abs are actually stuck to a celebrity persona from your previous post, I was reluctant to watch the show and worried that I’d miss something.

    Reading this post, I don’t think I miss anything.

  8. mikearmand: you got that right, mike.

    Zakky: hahahaha you didn’t man. this season is filled with whiny-ass contestants. i’m still gonna watch the whole season, though. and THEN decide whether or not to watch season 3 (if there’s gonna be one).

  9. Yeah I have to agree with Zakky.

    The participants of TARA are celebrities or at least those with beauty or handsome faces (except that loud-mouthed lady, someone must have hit her with an ugly stick.

    I found out recently that a female contestant from Thailand is actually a quite famous model. Plus, I saw some shirless pics of marc somewhere.

    Maybe the producer thinks that ‘the ordinary Asian people’ are just plain ugly …

  10. mikearmand: hm… maybe you have to read my previous post about the celeb-ness of the show. the executive producer himself replied to the post.

  11. mikearmand: “Maybe the producer thinks that ‘the ordinary Asian people’ are just plain ugly …”


  12. bebe: yeah, they will not put you on the show if you just look ugly. you have to be extra ugly and have a loud mouth.

    because that, i think, is what they call “character”.

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