The (Not So) Messy Hairdo

In Randomness, Silly Posts on November 21, 2007 at 1:21 am

This post goes out to all those trendy hairstylists out there.

I just need to vent on this and ask you guys one very important thing that’s been bugging me for years now.  And it’s funny that the trigger for this fashion question is actually a scene from the hit series “Scrubs”. Yeah, I’ve been reminiscing the glorious first season by watching the DVDs and there’s this one scene where Dr. Cox pats J.D.’s head and complained on how much J.D. uses hair styling products and J.D. says he doesn’t.  He even claimed that his hair naturally looks like that.

Now the question is:

Who started the “messy” hairdo with so-called “texturizing wax” on so-called “celebrities” and then charge “regular” people to pay a “shitload” to be “messed up“?

In Indonesia it started when Indy Barends wore her hair in that “wind-blown” look, and two months after, everybody started copying it. I, regretfully, included.  But you know, everybody was once young and stupid as was I.  So it was a slap across the face when one fateful day, I went to a hair salon to get my hair done for a party I’m attending… and I sat there telling my hairdresser to gimme that Indy look and she said: “Easy peasy, girl. I’m gonna make you look like you just got out of bed.”

After that day, I swore to myself never again to pay 200.000 IDR to get my hair messed up by a stranger just because I wanted to look trendy.

But then I started buying hair waxes to have a DIY session at home.  And nowadays apparently, some are just blatant enough to call themselves “BED HEAD”.  And it costs around the same with that salon incident for like a tube.

By 2005, I decided to grow my hair and have gotten acquainted with curling irons.  Now this, my friends, is a handy tool that requires a skill to use properly.  And I am proud to say that I am one master of curling.  Yeah, in the midst of boring straight-haired girls adorning every shampoo commercial, I was curly Miund and not afraid to flaunt it.  As I was sharpening my hair-curling thing, I began to notice one thing about hair from the opposite sex that I’ve never ever ever noticed before.

Men are equally (if not more) concerned about their hair.

My boyfriend spends a lot of time doing his hair and complains a lot whenever I try stroking his head as a form of affection.  “You’re ruining my hair, baby,” he’d say with a frown.  Now get this, he’s not somebody with a long hair or wavy shoulder-length do like Jon Bon Jovi (yes, I have no idea how that name sprung to mind).  In fact, his hair is as short as Ben Affleck’s (yeah I think he looks like Ben Affleck whenever I’m ill and I’m not feeling too well right now).  So my counter to his complain would be the standard…

“What hair, sweetie? You have NO hair.”

But still it bugs him and it makes me smile every single time.

Mr. Boyfriend isn’t the only one concerned about his hair.  Whenever I stroll around CiTos or any other “IT” malls around the city, I always see some male teenagers desperate enough to make a “mohawk” but too scared to shave the sides off.  Again, hair gels come to the rescue and display their notorious staying power from sunrise to sundown… to sunrise again.  For the love of God.

And then, now, 2007… apparently Liam and Noel Gallagher’s hairdo is back on in the young, overly skinny, confused but trendy flock.  Somehow these little boys just need to brush their hair onto their pimply faces and I could not understand why they do that.  All I could think of whenever I see these walking hormone factories is the scene from my visit to the dermatologist when I was 15.

Dr. Skin: “You have to cut your bangs.”
Me: “But I like my bangs.”
Dr. Skin: “Which do you like more: your bangs or your pimply forehead?”

And she went on explaining to me that bangs gathers oil and dirt in my face, thus the pimply forehead.  So without hesitation, I decided to clip the bangs back until it’s long enough to be cut properly, and believe me I didn’t look like Nicole Richie when she does the same thing.  It’s like I’m getting ready to wash my face and go to sleep all the time, even at parties.  But it paid off.  Not once since have I got any trace of pimple on my face.  Great eh.

Now, back to the Oasis-revival movement, I have the urge to hand hair bands to these boys whenever I see them.  Or at least, my dermatologist’s name card.

It is truly an oxymoron to use artificial substances to make your hair look natural, isn’t it?

After reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, I am so freaking curious to know who in the world started the trend.  And after a lifetime of dealing with bad hair days, wrong haircuts and annoying hairstylists, I wonder how long will this trend last.

You know, so I’d prepare myself when my future kid uses too much product in his hair later in life.  He might cry if I try to pat him on the head because I’m proud of him, and I have to be really ready when he does.

  1. “… I am so freaking curious to know who in the world started the trend.”

    For my money, it was Heather Locklear during her Melrose Place’s special guest star days whose stylists thought that she would still look like a hot 90s b&tch eventhough her hair was “styled” as if she just attended a science fair and her hair dropped “naturally” after she touched that Van de Graaf generator.

    And we need someone to tell those male teens that faux-hawk is out.

  2. Oh Miund, you should read my posting ‘A Bad Hair Day #1 and #2, nothing’s more embarrassing compares to my experience. A friend thought I DID have a bad hair day. Your ‘get out of the bed’ suggestion from your hairstylist is much nicer compares to the Hair Division GM who said my newly-permed hair was ‘LUCU’ and the hair academy manager suggested me to have it fixed for free because he thought it was a mistake…

  3. at last!!! bisa baca blog lu… 😀 heheheh, thanks to my new MacBook… (rada sok dikit ngga papa ya hihihi)

  4. Hi just want to congratulate you for being voted as one of the Top 100 Indonesian Blogs in IndonesiaMatters. Cheers 🙂

  5. my boyfriend does the same thing to.
    he spends more time styling his hair than i do.
    sometimes he even asks me to at least comb my hair with a decent hairbrush instead of using my fingers. and yes he also uses the so expensive for an (imported) hair gel.
    and the first thing he does when we reach the venue is to check his hair. haha.

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