To Whom It May Concern

In Ultimate Sarcasm on November 12, 2007 at 12:01 pm

I don’t like being angry.  So I retracted the previous post because I hate my blog adorned by swearwords.  But the message is clear.  I don’t welcome stupid people in this blog.

Good day to all.

  1. Girl, I did read your last blog about that Ahmad Sudarsono guy and was gonna comment hadn’t you disabled the commenting system. Anyway, this Ahmad Sudarsono trolls many, many blogs. He likes making provoking comments. I would actually advise you not to take it too seriously (well, of course unlease he indeed swears a lot. You’ve got the controlling power over his comments in YOUR blog anyway:) )

  2. ohhh shoot
    I havent got the chance to read that
    what was it all about?
    why they put funny comments?

    I should visit your blog more often……..

    problem since I started back to work

  3. lenje: he didn’t swear, but the last comment he dropped was very insulting, and i don’t just mean me. and yeah i exploded. i’m just human with so-called ’emotions’. it’s hard to ignore a stinky rat if you know what i mean 😀

    paul: nothing. it wasn’t important. happy working!

  4. huahahaha… i just realized i wrote “unlease” instead of “unless”.. wekekekkek.. i guess i just invented a new word!

  5. wah, gosip dong! haven’t got a chance to read!

  6. ummb.. sorry for being out of topic, but i am so curious why do i can’t open your miund.com? is it already unabled? it said “Operation timed out” everytime i tried to log on to the site… thanks

  7. ch: ah it was nothing 😀

    Kana: hey yeah the server is under maintenance, dear. sorry for the inconvenience. it’ll be back on in about 20 minutes 🙂

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