In TV Talk on November 12, 2007 at 11:20 am

Dear Bloggies, my old office (and playground), FremantleMedia Indonesia, is looking for contributors for their Asian Idol website.  Details are as follows:

Asian Idol is looking for regular correspondents for our website
(www.theasianidol.tv). Three persons from each country (Indonesia,
India, Singapore, Philippine, Vietnam, and Malaysia) will be given the
freedom to write or post anything in your own language with topic
guidance from us (or from your suggestions) about the Idol
representing your country in the competition. If you are interested,
send a sample of your writings or Idol-related photos to us.

For more info or any enquiries, please send email to:
natasha.soedjono@dvp.tv or natashasoedjono@hotmail.com

Good luck bloggies!

  1. this is not gonna be one of those “models only” competition, right? heheheh

  2. bebe: i assure you this is a contest full of crowned idols across asia who have become celebrities in their own right. each country that participates will send their idols to grab the ultimate asian idol title. i think there will be no ‘commoners’ included in the contestant lineup. hahahahakhakhakkk! by the way, i am rooting for DELON as many might have suspected. *wink wink*

  3. “… will be given the freedom to write or post anything in your own language …”

    Does anything mean you still can trash them? (them meaning the contestants and the production people)

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