Funny Typo :D

In Giggle To This! on November 9, 2007 at 11:56 am

I’m not a fan of posting on mailing lists albeit the member status of so many.  But since this morning I’ve been thinking on how to put a comment on a thread submitted by one of my ex-colleague without sounding rude or insensitive.  Why am I thinking about this?  I’m still all giggly because apparently the groom-to-be punched a typo that brought a totally different meaning of the invitation (and would probably attract different people for different reasons).


I imagine it would be one heckuva wedding! LOL.

  1. Maybe it was a subtle (very subtle) invit to an invitation only (to those who are able to decipher the message) after-party.

    PS: I’m doing good, actually. You too, right?

  2. hehehe…if I were invited, I will send them a gift with a card that says “Happy Fertilizing”…At least that is the way that I see it. 🙂 who needs weeds anyway?

  3. Zakky: AHAHHAHAAKAHKAKKK yeah, why didn’t I think of THAT? I’m fine too, dude, except for tending that GANGGU commentator who keeps appearing for no apparent reason. 😀

    Elyani: :D:D weeds are for losers!

  4. Hey, do you consider that it may be not a typo, after all…? 😉 Bring-your-own-weed party… hmm…

  5. hahaha…. too funny.
    if it’s really a weeding party, perhaps i’ll bring a weedometer as a gift…

    thx for sharing such story! *giggle*

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