When Men Fall Sick

In Giggle To This!, Mushy :) on November 6, 2007 at 12:23 am

I used to think men, when they fall sick, tend to get all macho and wouldn’t let anybody know that they have a forty-degrees fever and act as normal as they could.  Well at least that’s how Hollywood portrays its on-screen heroes.

It’s clear that my dad isn’t a Hollywood hero.

He’s the type of guy who’d ask for tissues from everybody when the flu bug bites.  Thank God for his good health, this doesn’t come often.  But when those times of the year come, he’s sure to make everybody around the house take very good care of him, the sickie.

Then came my boss who would tell me things like:

“I don’t feel good. I wanna go hoooooommmmeeee…”


“Feel my forehead.  I have a fever, right?  I wanna go hoooooommmmeee…”

Sometimes I smile seeing the behaviors of men around me whenever they fall sick.  They become so adorably leechy, and it’s hard for me to say NO to them.  Yeah, that’s my main weakness.  I couldn’t stand these manja-manja behaviors and tend to cater to everything the sickie needs, from fetching a taxi for them, telling them to drink the medicines up to the extreme of forcing them to eat by spoonfeeding them (not that I’ve ever done the latter to my boss).  What can I say, I could be mommy-ish that way.

Le boyfriend is sick tonight, I’m guessing it’s the aftermath of last Saturday night’s very chilly outdoor dinner at Bogor.  He called me just now and our normally silly conversation turned to silly plus loads of mush.

Him:  “Bebe, I’m sick…”
Me:  “Aww… I’m sorry I’m not there now.  Have you had dinner?”
Him:  “Nggggghhhh…”
Me:  “Sweetie have you had dinner?”
Him:  “Just a piece of bread.  Bebe c’mere, hug meeee…”
Me:  “Aaaaawww… I’m huggin’… eat some rice, sweetie…”
Him:  “But I’m afraid I’ll puke if I do… my tummy doesn’t feel right…”
Me:  “But you have to.  Go on, take some rice and some antacid.”
Him:  “Nggghh….”

Hearing him grunt makes me want to grab my car keys and speed up to his place so I can cuddle him after forcing down two spoons of rice and a spoonful of antacid down his throat so he’ll feel better.  I want to do his unfinished tasks too so he wouldn’t have to sleep too late tonight.  I want to make him a piping hot chicken soup and see him slurp the broth until he sweats because to us, sweating after a fever is a good thing.  And then I want to hug him tight until he falls asleep so that he’d wake up feeling refreshed.

But I can’t as it’s already past midnight and it’s not polite to bang on his parents’ door at this kind of hour.  Oh sometimes I just want to have the ability to teleport, seriously.


Well I already told him that I’m his kiss dispenser so he could just ring me up if he wants a kiss from me.  I also told him that I’m the hug vending machine that requires no coin to produce one bear hug through the telephone.  All he has to do is just ring me up.

If I don’t ring him up first, that is.

I think this is one aspect I’d be best at as a significant other.  You know, this is a marriage vow I’d sure apply: in sickness and in health.  I love taking care of my loved ones, although too rough-cut and too scared of blood to qualify as a nurse.  Well whatever, I’m just mumbling.

Now if you would excuse me, I have to call him again to make sure he’s eating right.

No, wait.  I just want to hear his adorable flu-induced voice. 😀

  1. be, so grab your car keys and speed up here.. and and make the piping hot soup, and cuddle with mmeeeeeee. you don’t need ot bang on my parent’s door, just bang me.. i mean, my door

  2. bebe: shush. now sleep. oops, wait you can’t you’re still on the phone with me. HAHA! love you sweets. get well soon… and EAT for crying out loud!

  3. Owwwww, so sweet 😉 But, in my view men tend (read: our lover) to be “manja” when they’re not well. And the more worry we sound, the better it is for them while the more demanding they respond the more cute they are for us 😀 Get well soon, Pak Bebe!

  4. Ibeth: EMBEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! 😀 they are so cute indeed 😀

  5. like it or not, looks like females have this genes to take care…! 🙂

    kunjungan balik, miund.. thanks for dropping by yaa.. sering2 okeh! nice blog you have, so funny! 🙂

  6. nadia febina: hi there! thanks for dropping by nadia 😀 i’ll be stopping by at your blog often 😀

  7. haha. Looks like BF has the same tricks as us men all over 😉

  8. unspun: yeah and my God, it always works like a charm. HAHHAHAAHAK!

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