On “Bridge-Blogging”

In Randomness, Silly Posts on November 5, 2007 at 4:48 pm

I blogwalked around today and ended up at one of my favorite blogs on the blogosphere, Mr. Unspun’s. He wrote this article, and I was tickled to say something about the new bridge blogging thing.

So the reason I started this English blog is because I’ve got quite a few complaints from my readers in my old blog. Some of them e-mailed me and said things like “Why do you write in English nowadays? We can’t understand you” or some more mean stuff like: “Do you really know what you are? Indonesian, right? So write in Indonesian!”

Me, being a person who almost always want to avoid conflicts (and am not so much that person anymore today, thank God), decided to retreat and start an all-English blog which readership is not as good as my Indonesian blog as predicted. But I never minded these facts. To me, blogging is a personal thing. If my blog(s) happened to be liked, thank goodness for that. But if they hate ’em, I don’t care. Readers know my blog, but they don’t know ME. And to know the real me is what matters the most.

I don’t exactly have a social or nationalism purpose in having an English blog, really. This blog merely exists because I’m sometimes at loss of Indonesian words to write what I really feel, and my mood rarely cooperates with my sense of language. I guess it depends on how I feel at that moment when I want to write about something. Most of the posts here are silly, disintegrated and pointless anyway. But there are, I have to admit, posts that are aimed to people out there who doesn’t speak Bahasa Indonesia and whom I think just HAVE to hear what I have to say. The post before this one is a very valid example on how blogging in English is proven effective and got immediate response from the exact person I aim the critical words to.

What I am REALLY concerned about is how Indonesians perceive English blogs as ‘hard to read’ or ‘pretentious’. Why dudes? We’re living in the age of technology and almost every term in technology-related things are derived from English words anyway. If nationalism is an excuse of not blogging (or speaking) in English, then it’s a freaking bullshit. I once yelled and trashed that website that sold Indonesian women to middle-aged bule men and yakked about how it insulted my dignity as an Indonesian woman and citizen. Where’s the low nationalism there? And how could people outside of this country know that they insulted us when we can’t deliver our rage in the language they can understand?

My point is, on bridge-blogging or whatever it is called, I strongly believe that using the international language to deliver one’s thoughts about almost anything, is okay. I agree with Mr. Unspun that we should encourage more English blogs by Indonesian bloggers, but I also have to say that we don’t really need to have a solid purpose to have a blog done in English. We can just have a blog about “nothing”, talk about “everything” and have a great time online while doing so. We don’t need to promote Indonesia in any way, we just need to throw our minds into the wonderful world wide web so people GET what we’re saying first before anything. Remember, the hit series Seinfeld started as a show about ‘nothing’, and look where it was when it ended. It became a legend in modern TV.

So is this a bridge-blog? I don’t know, I’m just a person with mood swing tendencies.

And when my mood swings to the west, then here I am.

  1. don’t you just hate it when peopel judge you over your blog. very uneducated.

  2. About the ‘why write in English’ thing, I get that a lot too. But I just don’t give a crap πŸ˜€

  3. bebe: uneducated and shallow if i might add. πŸ˜€

    anima: yeah i don’t give a crap on that too now. it used to bug me to the core in the olden days. but now? anyone coming my way… SIKAT! HAHAHAHAAKAHKKK!

  4. sedangkan gw sedang belajar nge-blog pake bahasa inggris dengan benar..it’spossible to get more visitors, rigth? biarpun asal2an..pokonya hajar beleh!

    ada yang bilang sama gw “you think you are better than others because u can speak english ??!”

    shallow-minded person..

    btw,nice to read ur blog..

    ada ym? teach me english if u dont mind..hehe

  5. tascha!: well i used to think that i am no better than anybody else just because i speak and write in english very well. but now i think, hey i might be better than those who protest constantly but not doing anything about their english skills. why am i better? because i actually took the time to learn the language to be able to masterfully applying it in everyday life instead of pointing fingers at people and telling them they are snobs just because they speak english. and you, my dear, are indeed better than that person who said those words to you because you, like me, are interested in actually doing something instead of being full of yourself. so cherish every language in this world, not just english, and you’ll see that you’ll open more doors, meet more people and do more stuff… and ultimately be a whole lot better than anybody else! πŸ˜€

    and um, about YM… i don’t really fancy that thing. breaks my concentration at work ever so often. πŸ˜€

  6. Oh gosh..

    I LOVE this women!


    gw link yaaa..

  7. Hehe… Good one.

    The only reason why I write my blog in English, quite frankly, is because my Indonesian is just awful to read. I only have ONE Indonesian post, came to me like a strike of lightning and then the talent was gone again. *sigh*
    You’re very lucky you bilingual blogger you ;D

  8. Have you read jakartass’ post in regards to Unspun’s post on bridge blogging? I agree that we actually need people blog about Indonesia in English. But I think it doesn’t matter when those people are Indonesians or not. Unspun argued because the non-Indonesians who blog about Indonesia are “droll and comprise of grouses about the country they live in, deprecating remarks about local women and mutual masturbation among unattractive expat men” Unspun, of course, considers himself not in that category.

    To me it doesn’t matter who the writer is, Indonesian nor not. It depends on the reader to choose to read and to choose to ‘believe’ in what they read.

  9. I enjoy reading blogs in english. they broaden my vocabs.

  10. i blog in english, i dont care if people think i’m pretentious, or a snob or rub my english skills in their noses. if they dont like my blog they should not read it.
    if a person asks me if i feel i am better than others simply because i blog in english, i would just say ‘yes’ to piss that person off even more.
    sometimes the best defense is an offense.

    you can see a (jealous) person’s comment on my blog entry titled “wag the dog a la indonesia” (you can find it here: http://rimafauzi.blogspot.com/2008/04/wag-dog-la-indonesia.html?showComment=1210835940000)
    he said (of course he is anonymous):

    “In my opinion there’s just too many Indonesians on the internet nowadays moaning and whining about the state of their country.
    And that’s all they do, moan and whine, while compounding the problems with their bitching by painting the wrong pictures around the world, while patting each other in the back how smart they look virtually, and how good their English is.
    Do you think the media haven’t paint the picture bleak enough already? Do something real about it will you, for once. Oops wait, you’re not there.”

    well.. that comment is so shallow, and the bit about hod good my english is ( i blog mostly in english, with a bit of french and indonesian).. that’s a low blow.
    but whatever… whatever floats their boats, right?

    dont stop blogging in english, it’ll hone your writing skills and improve your grammar/vocab.

  11. Chocoholic: Hello and welcome to this blog πŸ™‚ you know, since i started blogging in english, i faced many many forms of blog bullies. and i think you’re right, they’re just jealous. although i don’t even know what they’re jealous about. hahaha!

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