Heading Towards a Boring Future? Hm.

In Imagination Gone Amok, Questions, Randomness, Silly Posts on October 21, 2007 at 3:29 am

So let’s just say I had to read (too) many stuff about inventions lately. I couldn’t help but think: wow, people from the past were really smart. They actually invented something. Whereas we, the ones living in the so-called ‘future’, got stuck in ‘developing’ their inventions. This fact disturbed me so much that I’ve just got to spill it out to my boyfriend. Below are excerpts from our way too long discussion about this particular matter (and other stuff too). Oh, and may I remind you… every time me and him talk about these sort of things, it always develops to something really really stupid.

Me: “You know, I think we are so uncool.”
Him: “Why?”
Me: “Well, we’re the people who are enjoying inventions, rather than actually inventing something. I mean, with all the technology today, is there anything more to invent or be discovered?”
Him: “But we develop the inventions.”
Me: “Still that’s not as brag-able as actually inventing the later would be developed inventions, is it?”
Him: “Well people say that technology will die sometime.”
Me: “I know! And aren’t we the dull ones now? I mean, we are so used to saying things like… ‘they don’t have internet in your era? man, you’re so dull’ while we are actually enjoying internet and such, because those obsolete people invented electricity and telecommunications!”
Him: “You’re right. Oh my God, we are dull.”
Me: “See? Is it wrong that I’m worried that we’re heading towards a really boring future?”
Him: “No. Not really.”


Me: “Or MAYBE… there are more things out there to be discovered that we are yet to know about!”
Him: “Or maybe we’re just blessed with everything?”
Me: “I still think being blessed and being boring is one huge difference. Speaking of inventions, is cloning an invention or an extension of an invention?”
Him: “Heck I don’t know. But I think cloning is redundant.”
Me: “Why? I think it’s brilliant. Just imagine if you fall sick and need a donor, hey whaddya know? Somebody has the exact organ you need!”
Him: “Well I think it’s redundant. Just imagine this: you’re here, driving your car like this. And your clone sits next to you. And people will ask: ‘what’s she doing there?’ and you’ll say ‘oh she’s just here.’ That’s redundant to me.”
Me: “But that kind redundancy is valid if you’re in a state of critical emergency like I said before.”
Him: “Yeah if you look at it that way. But then, when they clone you, then who’s the clone? You or your clone? It will create confusion.”
Me: “See that’s why before cloning starts, I’ll set the fashion sense a bit lower to the minds of my clones. That way, they’ll look drab while I’ll always look fab! People will be able to tell which one is the real me and which is not. Easy peasy.”
Him: “You know if I have a clone, it’s bound to be as hot as I am… and I think I’ll have sex with my clone because of that.”

Roaring laughter here.

Him: “No seriously, I’m asking: would it be considered gay or masturbation?”
Me: “I think it’s a wee bit of both. After all, it’s you and you… but you’re both guys.”

The rest of the conversation isn’t important anymore as we began to imagine sillier things like adopting Doraemon so we can have a less boring future.

But really, are we heading towards a boring future? If yes, then what would we DO?

*note to readers: this isn’t a birthday jitter (and I’m not 30 yet. so I’m not being weirded out or anything), this is just a general wondering in the night of randomness.

Oh, by the way, Happy Belated Birthday to this blog! Man, how could I’ve missed my own blog’s birthday? Geez!

  1. Maybe we should re-invent the definition of boring, so that boring won’t be boring in the future…? πŸ™‚

  2. bleu: that strangely makes sense. thank you for bringing peace to my mind. hahahakhakahkhak! πŸ˜€

  3. that is some thinking out-of-the-box shit πŸ™‚

  4. nice thoughts.i never thought about invention nor developing the invention.
    hey,you invent something for my brain to think about.
    thanks for bringing it up and keep ‘boring’ in its cage.


    hey,what about sun power? it’s an invention…isn’t it?

  5. anti: sun power have been invented by egyptians thousands of years ago! hahakhakhk! see? there is nothing significant to invent anymore. thanks for stopping by πŸ˜€

  6. Und, I know other thing that, uhm, probably was not invented by Egyptians, but was β€˜made in Egypt’… πŸ˜› hwihaihai

  7. PoppieS: *%#$@!!&!^%# me hate you mucho. HAHAHAHAHKAHAKHAKAK!

  8. i fully support cloning…..either full cloning or partial or non-genetic….and certiainly not for emergency use only. Please….there are so many interesting ways to max yr clone(s)!

  9. J & Clone: I prefer to CLONE CLOONEY! HAHAKAHKAHKAHK! don’t wanna maximize my clone. gak relaaaa! hihihihihihi πŸ˜€

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