On Being Pathetic

In Daily Annoyance, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on October 16, 2007 at 4:44 pm

Right.  While we are being somewhat enraged thus awaken the bitchiness that had been kept nicely for quite some time now, I want to say something else.

So aside from this blog which I classify as my English trash bin for my thoughts, I also host another blog in Indonesian which… is not much of a difference, really.  And I’ve written cynical observations about how people behave when they’re infatuated (“in love” would be so overrated) with other people.  Most of my Indonesian blog buddies read it and laugh as I intended them to… but I found (pardon my language here) very sad and pathetic searches from Google in my dashboard, that people actually look for tips on flirting and how to interpret signals from their objects of desire.

Seriously, boys and girls!

In my life I’ve come across tons of these so-called tips on magazines I bought for mere entertainment purposes.   But to actually GOOGLE them with hopes that it might actually work on me?  Jesus, never.

The first time I noticed this sickeningly growing phenomenon of googling for love tips, I laughed myself off.  Couldn’t believe that there are so many freaking losers out there who are so desperate, not in finding mates, but looking for ways for their prospective mates to actually acknowledge their existence!  Geez!

I guess what I’m trying to say to my fellow women around the world is: let it go, girls.  There’s NO such thing as “mixed messages”.  Men is about the most complicated being in the world… as they are the simplest!  When a guy likes you, he’ll let you know in every way -most of guys go blunt and it’s not a myth.  It really happens.  When a guy doesn’t like you and just want to be friends, he’ll behave as is.  A guy would never pretend to hide their feelings because they are intimidated by you.  If they are intimidated by you, they won’t even want to get any closer to you from the start.  Man, how is that so hard to understand that you have to google it?  I blame Hollywood for this.  Really.

My suggestions would be: read this book aloud.  The truth hurts, but at least you’ll have more to life than just sitting around in front of your computer, feeling sorry for yourselves and googling the “I-just-went-on-a-date-but-he-didn’t-kiss-me-goodnight” keyword.

I can tolerate people who are looking for mates online by joining the dating services.  The objective is clear: to get a mate.  What I can’t tolerate is people who thinks that google is the answer to everything, including how to tell if he’s hiding his feelings from you.  It’s just downright disgusting.

I know this post might seem very harsh, and I’ll probably bombarded with hate comments from those who hate me even before I’ve written about these losers… including some of my frenemies, the self-righteous “fabulous” women who are too proud to admit that they read my blog for personal entertainment as it’s deemed to be shallow among their so-called clique (yes, I know about you ass-talking bitches and don’t you think I can’t track down your whereabouts… in fact one of you is online right this minute)  and that stupid Borat wannabe whose name I am too sick to type here.  But then again, WordPress is the best as it allows me to decide who to call friend and who to call foe.  And yes, I strangely have foes in this wonderful internet world.

Go fcuk yourselves.



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