These Made My Day!

In Giggle To This!, Me Likey, Video Post on October 12, 2007 at 2:18 am

Okay okay, to some of you this might be old news. But in Indonesia, the show just premiered at Starworld and I couldn’t help but think (after the show ended) that this actually is one television show that really got me entertained thus didn’t think about all the behind-the-scene aspects about it as I was too busy laughing my ass off -even during commercial breaks-.

Called up my friend Mr. J, and he agreed that the phobia sketch was the top of the excellent crop. And guess what, YouTube has everything… so I’m sharing with you guys… MY kind of comedy. Perfect lines, impeccable timing and great actors. Kudos to Kelsey Grammer! 😀

When will we be able to do this kind of sketch in Indonesia, now that’s a question I’d rather NOT hear the answer. HAHAHAHA!

Enjoy, guys!

  1. m in tears…..shared with a colleague….and he cried laughing….he said “after my thinking of what is so funny, I am still smiling uncontrollably….” yeah…it has that effect…..please…pass this laughing plague around….the world should be a better place to live in with lots of laughter….

  2. Mr. J: my pleasure! too bad last week’s sketch weren’t as memorable. but i’ll post more funny stuff 😀

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