There Are Reasons Why I’m Not A Historian.

In Randomness, Silly Posts on October 10, 2007 at 9:44 pm

So let’s just say that I’ve been entangled in watching some documentaries lately, mostly about the World War I.  You’d think I’ve gotten a wee bit smarter when it comes to the world history and stuff, but really what I found was nowhere close to ‘smart’.  Here are a few random thoughts about what I’ve watched (continuously).

1.  When you name your dog ‘Wolf’, it’s bound to look like one.
2.  Hitler’s hairdo might be mocked and cartoonized for ha-ha reasons most of the time, but it’s making a comeback here in Indonesia.  Minus the tiny moustache, that is.
3.  When taking walks in the French and German countryside, must make a mental note to self: decades ago, people were hung on trees, and drowned in marshes.  Just look, take pictures and admire… but don’t touch.
4.  French chocolate ain’t the best, because the French themselves didn’t eat  stuff as fancy as chocolate when the Germans ruled.  They were awed by American chocolate bars, as it weren’t  rationed.
5.  Pride means suicide rather than getting killed by the enemies.
6.  Poison was popular.  Not the band.  The real thing.
7.  The word “Spy” was popular too, in a frightening way, and not in a fashionable way.  Fendi hasn’t existed yet.
8.  C-4, 8mm and Stick actually meant serious stuff.
9.  Parachutes can be turned into wedding dresses.
10.  Never ever get romantically involved with soldiers, if you can’t handle the risks.

Well yeah, I see fashion, food, love and travel in everything.  So there you go.  HAHA!


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