I Don’t Share Food.

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I might sound like a member of the Tribbiani cult, but who cares. If Joey doesn’t share food, announces it to the American public and it’s acceptable, then Miund doesn’t share food, writes it on her blog and it SHOULD be okay.

Indonesians have a weird concept of sharing everything with almost anyone. I think it’s a good concept when it comes to money and charity… sharing what you own in huge amount to those who are less fortunate. It’s what we’ve been taught since we were little, and if it goes to practice in the real society, it’s great.

But as much as I care about society and people’s welfare, I’m sad to say that I don’t fancy sharing my plate with anybody. It’s just… gross. In Indonesia, particularly in some tribes, the concept of eating together out of one plate appeals until today. Not because of poverty, it’s just the custom. It’s fun to watch, tempting to imitate, but I haven’t got enough nerves to try it.

I do share food with people who are close to me (read: mom, dad and boyfriend), and the reason behind it are:

1. Mom and Dad created me.
2. Boyfriend and me exchange saliva from time to time, so what could be more gross?

Aside from people mentioned above, there’s no way I’m letting other people dig my food with their spoons or forks. OR with my spoon or fork that would transfer THEIR saliva into MY food.

The concept of sharing food is very disturbing. Especially when you’re in the middle of eating. I get really irritated when somebody says: “Your fish looks yummy” with eyes fixed on the fish. Now the typical Indonesian (read: Javanese) response to this would be: “You want to try it? Here, have a bite.” And this is said with a surrendering smile, allowing a stranger’s fork and spoon to work their way INTO the owner’s fish.

I usually respond to that kind of remark with: “It is yummy. Thanks.” And usually, there’s another sentence that would surely follow my answer: “May I try it?” Of course it would be rude to say no. Therefore, I’d silently slice a part of the fish, and transfer it to the person’s plate with my spoon and fork. That way it’s all hygienic and I can continue my dinner without worrying about cooties.

Now the thing is, in some offices, you’re bound to be friends with your co-workers who happen to be regular Indonesian girls who love sharing food MORE than anything in this world. In my old office, these girls used to buy one portion of gado-gado (veggie salad), and work their way through it… TOGETHER. I mean, they just love to hold on to their forks and just eat out whatever their friends are eating… at the same time. Geez.

“Well it’s fun and it’s a good way to watch my diet.” -one person said to me.

Uh huh. Can’t you just order half a portion? I then asked.

“Well I can. But it’s not fun eating alone.”


To me the somewhat weird fondness of eating together from one source nowadays does not depict ‘togetherness’ like it was intended to be in the olden days. It just shows a bad case of dependency, lack of confidence and no originality. That, is excluding the brush-off attitude towards hygiene and self health consciousness. I’m not saying everyone around us is carrying germs therefore are harmful to be in touch with. But hey, it’s better to be careful than sorry.

So yes, next time you go out with me and eat, please accept my offer to put a small part of what I’m eating on your plate before neither me or you touch our food… (and don’t go: “Later, I’ll just eat mine first and dig from you if I want to”) because there will be no second chance once I start digging in. Again, it’s not because I’m a bad bad glutton. It’s a mere weirdness of mine that might not seem usual in our culture.


  1. Miund,

    I notice that as the world gets warmer, the Burmese government cracks down on its Monks and Indonesia struggles still with the questions of 1998, you, of all things, choose to write about whether or not you share your food. It’s an interesting, even compelling, topic, I have to admit. I’m sure there are tens of thousands of people out there, maybe more, who made the Harry Potter fans look apathetic, waiting for this post.

    I was not one of them. I call on all good Muslims in this holy month to focus their writings on the main questions Islam wants us to focus on, not trivialities.

    I thank you, friend.

  2. Hi Miund!

    What ur strategy should b, is to buy decoy dishes of food and ppl eat from them not 🙂

  3. you know, you do sound like a true Tribbiani 😀

  4. yea i don’t like sharing food either, i’d rather buy/make a whole plate for him/her rather than having him/her digging in from my plate.

    by the way, does sleep deprived make you hungry and hallucinating like mad? because i only had 3 hours of sleep and i’m seeing fried chicken and broccoli flying around the corner of my eyes… weird….. hungry…

  5. Achmad Sudarsono: well well, if it isn’t the man of the hour. look buddy, you obviously don’t have any sense of humor at all, so please do not even bother to read what’s in this blog because it’s clearly not your cup of tea. spare me the lecture on how to be a good human being, because you might not as great as you think anyway. my awareness of humanity is my own business as i don’t go off showing it off to the world like some people do. again, this is a mere humorous blog and no, i don’t expect “FANS” to come, clamor and rave on my writings as much as i don’t expect STRANGERS to put snide comments on what was meant to be a funny post. we clearly don’t share the same type of humor, and i am thankful for that. and yes, this will be the last time i’ll approve your comment. let’s just say it’s my way of keeping the peace. thanks.

    John: you know what, sometimes i do that! 😀

    anima: maybe i do! HAHAAHA!

    bebe: okay sleep now. sleep.

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