Ramadhan Perks

In Heartwarming, Me Likey on September 27, 2007 at 12:00 am

The fasting month brings joy to the muslim, that we know.

What we never really realize is… the Holy month also boosts up everyone’s social life.  Including mine, the non-muslim.  Every year.  And that makes me really happy!

Imagine this:

In regular days, I won’t be out of the office until about 8 p.m.  There’s almost always something to do.  When there’s not much to do, I’d be browsing the internet for nothing… just for the sake of waiting for the traffic to subside.   I’d be turning down dinner invitations from friends, because I’d rather have dinner at home with my parents and therefore friends can be met on weekends.  My snuggly bed is the one thing I can’t seem to stop thinking about, and when I do get home, I’d be tired and would just lazily lay around and watch TV until I fall asleep.  Not much of a social life there.

But as I reflect on past Ramadhans, it’s always the same.  I’d be the social butterfly I truly am, accepting every dinner invitations and break-fast gathering from various circle of friends.  Somewhere around three years ago, I even went out from my comfy Southern Jakarta area and drove over to the North to attend a seafood fest thrown by my muslim friends.  Not a very regular thing for me to do.  Seriously.

It’s not my first time being appointed to be the organizer of this type of gatherings either.  “Just get people to sit together and eat, Miund.  It should be easier for you to do all the works because you don’t have to starve during the day,” they’d say to me, and I would smilingly oblige.  And you know, it is really amazing how people -muslim or non-muslim- make such effort to attend the get-togethers, while on regular days they’d just send an apologetic text message saying they’re stuck at the office doing stuff.

And now that I think of it, I cherish the diversity even more.  Hey, I enjoy this ‘routine’ of helping friends, calling up people, posting messages on mailing lists… inviting them to have a break-fast dinner together and ultimately would end up in a very fun evening with old and/or new friends!

So I guess the festivity of Ramadhan doesn’t just belong to the muslims.  And I thank God for giving me great friends who never forget to invite me to their break-fast gatherings, regardless of my religion.  And yes, I thank God once more that this year I met some great people in one of those functions.  Hope to meet a lot more in coming events!

Loving Indonesia when it comes to things like these.  Seriously!

  1. Ketinggalan Und: And I thank God I for giving me such a wonderful Bebe that I can accompany with during this ramadhan 😉 Swwiiittt…swwwiiittt….prikkkitiwww :p

  2. Yaaay! Ramadhan power! 😀

  3. i like it when you come to my house and break-fasting together with us.. tho we know that we might eat like crazy – as my mom has warned you after she sees your shock and awe look in our dining table sitting across my brother- but i really love to have you around 🙂

  4. At one point, as non-Moslem’s, I miss this holy month since I am here at San Francisco. When I was in Depok as one of the UI student, I even ate more than any other months. I enjoyed the gathering on break-fasting time 🙂

  5. Ibeth: yeah, that’s the main highlight of the month 😀

    anima: yay indeed! 😀

    bebe: and i’m gonna stick around for a LONG LONG time. MWAH! 😀

    Beni Bevly: so it’s not just me, then 😀

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