Indonesian Fashion VS Multiply

In Fashion Police, Girl Talk, Me Likey, Window Shopping on September 18, 2007 at 6:48 pm

I’ve never really liked Multiply.

Why?  Because it’s way too standarized, you can’t do much stuff with it… and it’s just such a hassle to login first before you can interact with the site owners.  I do have a Multiply account which I rarely use.  In fact, on my Multiply mainpage, it says ‘Nothing To Read Here’ and there are links to both my Indonesian and English blogs.  Okay okay I am sure Multiply has very good features, but we all have preferences.  And I prefer not to have an active MP site.  This isn’t a hate-post about MP, anyway.  So don’t burn in anger, MP fans.  Just read on.

Last night I fell in love with some fashion stores managed by Indonesian ladies.  Sure I had a ball with the pioneers like Simplight.net and such, but what made me fall harder with the likes of them was… the price tags are all in IDR.  I don’t need to worry about pricey international shipping cost and I can immediately call the site owners… at LOCAL rates.  How lovely.  I’ve been lurking around these local online fashion stores for quite some time, actually, but had no interest in looking because I thought… same old same old.  But then I took my time last night to browse and look a wee bit closer.  I found gems which I think now deserve to be crowned as ‘Miund’s favorites’.  Here they are.

Kandang Sapi Buntal

Actually I found a lot more and I love them no less.  But I think I’ll write about these two for now.

Dianepalma, better known to its fans as Kandang Sapi Buntal, offers a wide range of fashion items at very reasonable prices.  And it’s apparently very popular nowadays.  I saw some cute dresses and flat shoes… and am trying very very hard to control my urge to dial Okky’s (the owner) number.  Right.  Phew.

OwnDesign has a rather different approach to being fashionable.  Its tagline “Create Ur OwnDesign 4 Shoes n Bag”, albeit the supposedly ‘hip English’, is definitely the answer to my lazzy ass alter ego’s prayers.  You know, this reminded me of a girl who used to come to my old office and sold me custom-made shoes.  But it was too much hassle.  She comes in, literally draws a line around my feet to ensure size and comfort, had me choose the materials from TONS of pieces she brings with her everytime, and the whole activity itself usually takes up thirty to forty five minutes of my working hour.  Obviously a frowned-upon thing to be done.  Now that I found Owndesign, I’m free to choose and design my own shoes after office-hours and nobody’s gonna throw me disapproving looks because I abandoned a proposal for cute peep toes!  What’s best about this site… they sell custom-made shoes under IDR 300K!  That’s below $30 peeps!  They even got those metal heels for people who think they’re Catwoman.  Wahoo!!

So yeah.  Apart from the annoyance of them still being on Multiply instead of having their own dot coms, I salute these online shops.  They don’t take credit cards, but they do accept bank transfers.  And again, I repeat, transactions are in IDR.  IDR, people.  Seriously.

I’m not saying goodbye to Net-A-Porter and such.  Let’s just say I’ll be using those as references for now.  Afterall, I see blank spots in my wallet whenever I see dollars anyway.  Oh, and um… thanks to this site (yeah I’ve been one of its silent readers), I now no longer think I’m the only obsessive Indonesian gal when it comes to fashion.  Cheers to you, Fashionesedaily!

Ok, gotta finish up some LOCAL window shopping now.  Ta!

  1. Thank you Miund, thank you! *checks bank account balance*

  2. Teez: my pleasure. hey, it’s been a long time. whaddya say we meet up… and um probably… online shop together! HAHA! i’ll get my laptop ready. 😛

  3. wanita memang tidak lepas dari hasrat untuk belanja apalagi dalam IDR….
    Biasanya itung2 $ ke IDR takut kemahalan, tapi sekarang nggak perlu lagi itung2 tetep langsung buntung 😉 soalnya belinya banyak. 🙂

  4. Heyy… online shopping, window shopping, or truly shopping… I’m all for it !! Dyou think we can get our boyfriends to tag along and umm… do a double-shopping-date? haha !

  5. evelyn pratiwi yusuf: well, we’re just girls. what can we do? 😉

    Teez: that would be GRRRREEEAAATTT! my man loves shopping to bits 😀 if your man doesn’t, well… he’ll just have to join us! HAHA! how ’bout this Saturday? i miss you guys!

  6. bebe: yeah!

    Teez: see what i’m talking about? HAHAHAHAHAKAHKAHKKK!

  7. Hahaha… very admirable Yodee !

    But my man’s in New York right now (and of course I have asked him to shop for me while there *grinz*) and won’t be back till next week, so let us give you a rain-check on that one !! Yaay !


  8. *blogwalking from ur miund.com*
    I’m multiply user too xp
    what I’m thinking is the lame of MP; when you open the page (included your page or anyone page), my comment, he said, she said and they said:
    “berat bukanya?!” *nyah, jadi males*
    so, u visit the Owndesign too?! tapi sepertinya MP itu ‘bermasalah’ yah ^^

  9. mademoizell3: yeah i just noticed OwnDesign a no-no site. too bad. haha! the thing I hate about MP is that you have to be a member just to drop a comment. how irritatingly exclusive. so not me 😀

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