On Going Public

In Randomness on August 14, 2007 at 6:17 pm


As much as I hated those ‘posers’ who get comfy with their laptops in coffee shops, I am one of them this evening.  Here I am seated very comfortably on a sofa huge enough to accomodate TEN people, watching a group of adults squished on the next sofa.  Haha! 

It’s really weird blogging in public.  I tell you.  It’s like… not wearing your underwear.  You are aware of it, you know people don’t know about it, yet you are paranoid that somebody might just peek and embarrass you on the spot.  It’s so much different than blogging at work.  At least in the office I have my own desk, my own space and people know when to barge in on me. 

Right.  To my northeast side, a full-figured lady with a very loud voice is being very obnoxious.  She’s calling everybody on her table with ‘SAY’ (short for ‘sayang’ or ‘dear’ in English).  And I think she’s the one paying for everybody as she makes sure the whole restaurant hears what she’s offering her guests (or troupe).   Okay, now she’s tasting everybody’s drink.  That is so GROSS.

On my left, there is a quiet gentleman, also busy with his computer.  His look somewhat reminds me of somebody famous.  But WHO?  Hey hang on, the lady with the obnoxious loud voice is coming over to his table… ah, they know each other.  Hm.

On the farthest side of this restaurant, two girls are sitting face to face, talking.  Not much can be said about that. 

And… I’m done.

Hm.  What DO people write when they’re busy with their computers in public, I wonder.  What, exactly?

Because I can’t seem to write anything. 

Oh well, I’m gonna open MSN Messenger and talk to my Frankenstein monster while waiting for my Bebe to get home.  I don’t wanna leave this place just yet.  Maybe I can write more later when it’s crowded enough.  HAHA!

*by the way, thanks to today’s meet-up with a friend and my darling, I’m not that blue anymore.  It’s just a matter of time now.  Yeah.  My mind is partly made-up.  HURRAH!*

  1. I’m sure you’re fine now, not that *blue* anymore, whatever that means. 😉

  2. going public is nice, eih? 🙂

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