When Is Enough… ENOUGH?

In Weird Philosophy on August 11, 2007 at 3:13 am

A conversation pushed me to write this post.  Not gonna disclose who what where when why and how, I just want to spill what’s in my head after the chat window closed down.  The lingering question remains:

When is ‘enough’ really enough?

No, really. I’m not being contemplative.  I’m purely asking.

  1. Theoretically, never,,
    Practically, now would be better,, 😆

    anw, salam kenal mbak,, 😀

  2. sometimes, people just confuse with the lines of being ‘persistent’ or ‘obstinate’

  3. “When is ‘enough’ really enough?”

    well if u’r asking urself that question, then now’s probably “enough”.

  4. ‘Enough’ is enough when… one no longer needs (or wants), which probably would never happen.

    But come to think about it, when something irritates us and then we’d say, “I’ve had enough!!!”, that’s probably the moment when *enough* is really enough 😀

  5. Maybe when enough is too much?

  6. When you’re so happy that you just wanna dance with everyone, ugly or cute, and tell everyone that you absolutely LOVE them !
    Oh, sorry. This post isn’t about alcohol.

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