On Putting Words In Somebody Else’s Mouth

In Image Post, Me Likey, Window Shopping on July 28, 2007 at 3:13 am

I once got into this kind of conversation with a couple:

Me:  “So how did you two meet?”
Girl:  “Well we meet at bla bla bla when he was bla bla bla… and bla bla bla”
Me:  “Ah how sweet!  And did you (referring to the boy) fall in love at first sight?”
Girl:  “He won’t admit it.  But I think he… bla bla bla…”
Me:  “I see.  Wow, that’s interesting.  So you two have been an item for how long now?”
Girl (yet again):  “Let’s see… we first got introduced at… bla bla bla… then bla bla bla and…”

All throughout the night, the guy stays silent, smiled politely and agrees with everything the girl said.  And I got tired easily.

So tonight I browsed the net for my own Friday night amusement:  window shopping, bumped into my favorite blog and found how unlike the girl I mentioned above, the designers at Dior attempt to put a word in women’s mouth in the most beautiful way.

Mais oui!

Now who’s able to refuse this? 😉

*picture from Purseblog.com 

  1. let’s talk about the third and fourth line there…….something is amiss 🙂

  2. bebe: huh? *didn’t get it*

  3. That’s a nice ring. Some people are used to talking and others are shy, maybe?

  4. You have a very classy taste, girl… you do! or at least from my view 😉

  5. Herb: well in that couple’s case, it’s definitely severe domination… 😀

    Ibeth: aaww thank you… i’m blushing here. but really, isn’t that the CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen?

  6. It is berrrryyyyy cuttteee and I want it now :(( Miund reseeeeeee.

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