In Obsessed To Possess on July 26, 2007 at 6:23 pm

Sure it costs more than a new car’s down payment. Yes it’s equal to buying about three or four new Japanese mid-grade motorcycles, and of course it’s as much as paying a first installment of a house’s mortgage in Jakarta’s sub-suburbs.

But I’m only a girl and sometimes a girl wants things she can’t afford (just yet).

Black Louboutin Peep Toe Heels

Oh man.

Isn’t she a beaut? You know I was once tempted to paint my heels’ soles red just because I’ve been wanting to own a Louboutin since forever. This is my first post to declare the obsession. I’ve never been a Blahnik girl, especially since they are way overrated after Sex and The City’s Carrie was seen prancing around in them. But Louboutins are different. They might not be as showy as Blahniks… but they have the red soles. The fucking expensive red soles that immediately scream: “LOOK AT ME, I’M A C.L SHOE!”

Have seen some Louboutin wannabes in local so-called ‘high end’ department stores….

But I have no interest in them. I want the real one.

Real bad!

*Update:  Whoopsie. Turns out I read the price tag wrong.  I get ‘hundreds’ mixed up with ‘thousands’ sometimes. My bad.  But still I want ’em real bad, and I still think it’s too much just for a pair of shoes.  AGH!

  1. nice shoe!

    but painting your heels red??
    that’s ridiculous!!

  2. adwe: if you know how precious louboutins are, you’d want to paint your heels red too.

  3. BUT, even if you do paint ur heels red, they wouldn’t be louboutin,, right?
    hope u’ll get one someday.. 🙂

  4. how much do they cost?

  5. bebe: not that extravagant, turns out. got mixed up with the price of a bag… hahahaahahakhakhak… i miss you…

  6. cute, sexy and smart….. if I can describe! Arrrgggghhh, sepatu2 high heels cantik itu emang sialan 😉

  7. Ibeth: therefore they are Louboutins… Agh.

  8. i love peep toeeeeeeeeee
    this one is a real catch.

  9. ste: i knooowww… this one takes the cake, isn’t it? eh are you in Jkt already? let’s meet up!

  10. Very cute. I have one.

    kidding !! hehehe…

  11. Teez: for a second there, i thought i might’ve had a heart attack. HAHAHAHAHAKHAKHK! aren’t they gorgeous? *drool*

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