Jail Is The New Black

In Uncategorized on July 25, 2007 at 9:26 pm

I seriously don’t get today’s Hollywood starlets.

Gone are the days of looking at your best in every public appearance.  Gone are the era of dressing up and let handsome suitors lead you on the red carpet.  And gone are the times of holding an elegant glass of champagne in your hands.  The millenium is certainly the time to be trashy by day and tranny-like by night.  Forget handsome suitors as jobless rappers in baseball caps and beat up jerseys are ready to marry you in an instant and let you divorce them to live out of alimony (feminists, eat your words as K-Fed made sure Britney pay every cent).  And champagne aren’t the ‘it’ drink anymore for today’s ‘it’ drink can be found anywhere anytime and it comes in a paper cup with a Starbucks logo on it.

First it was Paris.  Now it’s Lindsay.  I can see Britney’s standing in line.  To my surprise, the ‘bad girl’ Xtina Aguilera has turned into a very different direction.  Settling down, sobering up and cleaning her image.  At least that’s one good thing happening in Hollywood.  As for the rest…

… I think jail is indeed the new black.

God, I’ve been reading too much Perezhilton.

  1. Situ kira bermasalah dengan hukum cuma tren di “kayu-suci” itu doang 😉 Sini juga, Neng… look at our list…..

  2. More examples of hollyweird run amok.

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