Living a Fabulous Life

In Randomness, Weird Philosophy on July 20, 2007 at 11:53 pm

Since my book was published two months ago, I’ve had random people saying this to me:

“Hi, I’ve read your book. You know, you have a fabulous life!”

And I would sheepishly reply:

“Aww, really? It’s the people around me who are fabulous…”

And I meant every word of it. What I don’t say to them is the following:

“What do you mean by ‘fabulous’?”

I mean, seriously, I don’t get why young girls think that I am somebody to look up to and why older guys say I’m a successful young woman. I often think that my life is downright regular. Despite all the excuse of still living with the parents because it’s the culture, I actually do want to live on my own -yet don’t know if I can afford it. Compared to many girls (or women, I suppose) my age, I’m not at all ‘independent’ in that area. Income-wise, it’s enough to contribute to the household and such, even enough to accomodate my lifestyle (if my life do have style) from time to time. But it’s like nothing compared to… say… Paris Hilton’s. Yeah she’s a heiress and all, but she whips up tons of cash on her own too.

I feel like a dumbo sometimes, who is too ignorant to even know who’s running to be Jakarta’s next governor. I know the names, but I couldn’t care less about what these people look like. I bitch about them a lot but I don’t really know their politics. Heck, I don’t know the politics. Compared to my boss, I’m a total ‘blonde’ in this type of thing. I don’t read the papers (detik.com provides everything to me on a daily basis), I don’t read ‘serious books’ because I find them boring. I read only funny books -preferably with drawings in it, and this makes me feel like I’m a permanent five-year old inside. Compared to my boyfriend who loves the Discovery Channel, I’m just a silly girl who loves to watch E! for their celebrity gossips and fashion police shows.

Unlike ‘fabulous’ people I know now and back then, I’m kinda still the same ol’ me who loves to sleep Saturdays away instead of partying it out. I’m still the girl (okay, woman) who loves to spend hours at a supermarket, just checking out new brands of noodles, cereals and juices. I’m still the girl who secretly browses the internet for my upcoming imaginary ‘vacations’ and watches Discovery Travel and Living to get ‘there’ wherever ‘there’ is and dream about lying lazily under the sun at an exotic beach.

What I know I am now is a twenty-something girl, reaching thirty in about a year, who works for a TV show, had just become a published writer, having not too many but enough friends to turn to whenever I need them in sickness and in health, having a set of parents who loves me no matter how stupid I behave and a great boyfriend who loves and cares about me for whatever I am.


Yeah I’m beginning to see their point. I don’t have to compare. All I have to do is just see life as is.

I do have a fabulous life.

Might not the jet-setting-around-the-world type. But pretty fabulous for someone living at Kebayoran Lama. Hey, come to think of it, living here is fabulous. It’s only 15 minutes from Plaza Senayan. Hahahaha…

It’s weird how sometimes one needs strangers to remind one how fabulous one’s life is.

Weird weird weird.

  1. Oh, Miund, you live only 15 minutes from Plaza Senayan? That’s so fabulous. It would take me 30 minutes to reach Stoneridge Mall (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoneridge_Mall). Not that bad, but I miss Plaza Senayan a lot. 😉

    We all live a fabulous life, just look within and without. We’ll find it.

  2. should put this on the six weirdness section too, don’t you think?

  3. To your post: It may sounds so cheesy, but as the counting crows said: you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…

    This might not have the correlation to your story, but I have the ‘same’ moment during my first ride to the office with transJakarta. I used to give up on Jakartan, as I thought they are all soul-less people. But during the ride and the way to the office, I saw a boy gave up her seat to some big preggie woman, I saw a nice lady put two small case of nasi uduk in front of two sleeping-homeless children, I saw a metro-sexual-looking guy gave his money to an old beggar.. suddenly.. it made me realize.. Jakarta is not that bad! We’re not that soul-less people! people are still care with others…and I fell in love, once again to mny city.. Now I understand why Carrie loves her NY.

  4. I think everyone does have a fabulouos life in their own ways. Funny that I watched an OPRAH (old) show today with the big bold message to, love yourself first, and all the rest will come.

  5. i always remind myself how fabulous my life is. i dont need others to remind me hahahah

  6. Jennie: yes. 15 minutes. with the new access road, it’s only 10 minutes to Senayan City too! 😀

    anima: i think so 😀

    rika: true true. maybe it’s because we almost always take things for granted. we shouldn’t. seriously.

    Silverlines: totally. the hardest part is when in deep shit, one tends to continue drowning instead of swimming up to the surface to catch a breath of fresh air and see that life is still good.

    bebe: that’s good for you, darling. i’m proud of you 🙂

  7. I think ‘how fabulous someone’s life is’ depends on how he/she can manage to respect and live this life to the fullest. and I think you do it really well. it’s just the matter of perspective… and beyond.

  8. read the book, although it wasn’t mine *borrow, not steal, really really*

    like it.

    should put warning “not to be read from the beginning to the end at one time. best result: bring it everywhere, read it one by one”. that’s what I thought, and I stopped read the book, and read it only one or two each time.

    and, miund…you should pick one or two from the book, and make another book. really, there are soooo many topics you can develop into a book, fiction or non-fiction. you should!

    for me, it’s like a source book, when you need an idea to write. try read kapuscinski “the soccer war”

  9. vienz: cheers for a fabulous thoughts on fabulous life 🙂

    melly: aaww… thanks. the book isn’t a novel, so you aren’t supposed to read it from front to back. i don’t like setting boundaries to what was meant to be a very light read, because light reads are NOT supposed to have boundaries, so i think you’re treating the book well 😀 about your idea… don’t worry dear, i’m working on it 😉

  10. an honor, indeed, to have someone like you stopping by my beat up lair. i’ll come back again, but give me time first. capiche? (=


    nice blog. Carpe diem, baby!

  11. mPit: no no, the honor is mine. you have a fantastic lair and i will not stop looking for updates (until whenever you feel ready to blog again, that is). seriously. carpe diem indeed 😉

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