I (Heart) My Old Friends

In Heartwarming, Me Likey on July 18, 2007 at 12:08 am

My phone rang yesterday, just as I was finishing up shooting at the studio. It was my friend Barrie.

+ “Hi Und! Are you busy right now?”
– “Well I’m just about to wrap up the shoot for today. Wassup?”
+ “Oh go ahead then, this can wait.”
– “No no, it’s fine. We’re on a break anyway. Wassup?”
+ “I just wanna invite you to a movie premiere tomorrow. That is, if you have the time”
– “A movie premiere? You’re writing the script?”
+ “Not this one, but this is like the thing that I’ve been working on for the past few months”
– “When is the premiere again?”
+ “Tomorrow. I invited Mr. J too and he said he’d come. So if you’re free maybe the three of us can meet up!”
– “Cool! So you’re sending the invites?”
+ “Just come, I’ll have the tickets ready. It’s not like any other premieres. You actually get seat numbers. So come, okay? It’s at 8 p.m. Grande MPX”
– “I’ll have to reconfirm tomorrow at about noon. Can I call you then?”
+ “Of course. See ya!”

That short conversation turned to be one of the greatest night I’ve had in such a LONG time. Well it might be just ‘regular’ for some, but to me it was great.

I wore my cotton dress today as I don’t really feel like dressing up, but threw in the sparkly flat shoes just in case the event got a bit formal. I figured if it’s gonna be formal, at least the dress was black anyway. Met up with J in front of Starbucks at precisely 7.30 p.m. We were joined by J’s friend from back home, Miss A, a couple of minutes later and went up to the theater to meet Barrie. The busy bee came up to us and gave us the tickets cheerily. J was hungry so we went down to Soeryo café to get some dinner. After stuffing ourselves with banana fritters, tempura udon and fish fingers, we went up to the theater again as Barrie was waiting for us. Soon we were entering the theater…

… and I was brought back to about five years ago.

There were very familiar faces, people I used to hang out with, bitch about stuff with and laugh at fashion mistakes with. Air kisses were thrown, compliments were said and lots of short catching-ups were exchanged. Good God, it has been years since the last time I hung out with this crowd, and suddenly they’re back right there in my face and (although looking slightly ‘matured’) we talked like we’ve never been apart!

The movie was about to start when I decided to get some popcorn. On my way out, aha, again another not-so-old but very dear friend of mine, Miss Sita Nursanti. She looked fabulous as ever.

+ “GIRL! Oh my God where have YOU been?”
– “I’ve been kinda busy. Where have YOU been?”
+ “Same like you. So I’ll see you later after the movie to catch up?”
– “Sure! I’ll go find my seat now. It’s J9”
+ “SHUT UP! I’m at J12!”
– “Well I guess I’ll see you then!” -she grinned

So I got my popcorn, returned back to my seat and my companions were nice enough to switch seats so I can sit next to Sita.

+ “So who are you with?”
– “Nobody. I’m dateless.”
+ “What brings you here?”
– “I’m in the movie.”
– “Yeah. Not so much, though. Just five scenes or so.”
+ “Well, still!”

The thing about meeting one of your dearest friends when you’re not expecting it is how you and her (or him) can talk about almost anything. Sita and I exchanged gossips as usual, and made a promise to each other to hang out with the old gang very soon.

Oh… and um, the movie wasn’t bad either.  Wasn’t really my kind of movie, but Julie Estelle was quite good.  The plot was rather basic, lots of kissing (read: short kisses), some violence, and Dimas Seto’s smile were kinda too ‘staged’.  And I feel bad for one character: the fiancée (well I guess engagements do break off when one proposes at such a crappy place).  Overall it was an ok movie.

So anyway, after the movie, the crowd moved to the lobby and we chatted like crazy.

– “Aaaww thank you! Did you really like it?”
+ “Are you kidding? You know I actually gave one copy to that taxi dispatcher you wrote about. She’s ever so grateful”
– “SHUT UP!”
+ “I’m serious!”

Another friend came.

+ “So, any interest in coming back to write dramas?”
– “Hell yeah.”
+ “Gimme a call when you’re off the contract with your current show.”
– “Most def!”

Another friend came.

+ “So, still with Mr. Bebe?”
– “You bet!”
+ “How come you never introduce him to us?”
– “You are all busy busy people!”
+ “Yeah? We’re not busy on WEEKENDS!”
– “Really? Oh yeah, I must have lost your numbers.”
+ “Bitch. Where’s your phone? I’ll punch them in myself”

Lots of laughter and old memories in the air, and I owe them a hangout session sometime next month -I’m booked solid for July *halah*.

It was really nice meeting you bitches. Was really really nice. Let’s all just go to Kinokuniya and laugh at one particular magazine like we used to do when we were ‘kids’.

Wait a minute.

We ARE still kids! HA!

  1. Awwww… this makes me miss my bitchy friends! (not that I don’t have one or two here, which are equally fun, but old buddies are like.. er.. old daster, you know, always so comfy comfy). BTW, that particular magazine, Indonesia Tatler kah? :)))))

  2. it’s nice to have friends, right?

  3. lenje: you guessed right! hahahakhakahk…

    bebe: you’re talking as if i’ve never had friends before… of course it is nice.

  4. Like the child’s rhyme here, Make new friends.but keep the old/one is silver/and the other is gold. One cool thing about the Internet is running into people you’ve known for a long time.

  5. Herb: you’re right, Herb. friends are silver and gold 🙂

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