Tonight’s Wonder

In Questions, Randomness, Silly Posts on July 12, 2007 at 1:52 am

Will not tell on how I got into writing this, will not disclose who where what or why, I just NEED to write this.

So let’s just say I hung out at a place I don’t usually hang out in.  And let’s just say I was there coincidentally.  And when I was there, I see a lot of beautiful young girls old-looking ‘exotic’ women who look a lot like trannies with saggy boobs held up by push up bras, hanging on to grinding their partners -most of the men are in their forties-.  I was trying so hard NOT to be judgemental, but all hell broke loose as I said to my friend:

“Are they… you know… ‘professionals’?”

My friend looked at me and said with a wicked grin:


And I nodded in agreement.

You know, I’ve watched Pretty Woman and was blown away with how Julia Roberts portrayed the oldest profession in the world as she showed me how life goes in the lowest caste in hookerville: streetside girls.  But of course, it’s only a movie and Julia Roberts looked mighty swell even in that ugly blonde wig and nasty thigh-up boots.

I’m not new to seeing streetside girls working the night in Jakarta.  Heck, I’m also no stranger to the sight of trannies hanging out at the likes of Menteng as I used to drive home from work passing them.  No fascination there whatsoever, including the times when they do the usual skirt-up routine, showing their privates that resembled NOTHING of a man’s -which often made me wonder ‘where the hell did they tuck it in and how?’ but that’s another story.

What fascinates me tonight is: how can these prostitutes hang out in such an upscale place, with a-list men… and still easily spottable?  I’ve heard about high-class hookers, those who comes from the top of the crop a.k.a models or even movie stars.  I know some who actually DO ‘undercover’ prostitution to support their lavish lifestyle.  And these ones usually are the ones who look NOTHING like what you’d normally call prostitute.

Another wonder is:  why won’t these girls take a decent care of their physique?  I mean, seriously, if one works at night… one would have at least the whole afternoon to get one’s work ‘assets’ to be maintained.  By ‘assets’ I mean… well, I don’t know… maybe they could start taking regular showers?  Because there’s nothing more eye-pinching than seeing a girl in a tank top with traces of fungus infections on her bare shoulders.  Eeew. To think that they brush shoulders with other people in such places.

Lesson learned tonight:  when hanging out at these kind of places, always wear something that covers your shoulders, upper arms, stomach and legs.  Guaranteed to repel icky grownup men with leering eyes, and fungus infections.  In reverse:  if one’s there to get attention -and probably a bit of skin rash-, wear littlest clothing as possible… and maybe a red strappy stilleto with tiny tiny but towering heels because apparently these men recognize women from their shoes.

Don’t ask me how.

  1. Fungus infections on their shoulder, yeewwww 😦 Maybe it’s their sex appeal though, so when the man cares it, he will turn on (gosh, what a dirty – i mean DIRTY imagination!)

  2. Ibeth: yeah. like Britney Spears’ DIRRRRRTTTYYY. HAHAHAHAKHKAHKAK!

  3. you mean christina, bebe.

  4. Gosh…I wonder how much money u gotta spend for a fungus infection???

  5. bebe: oh yeah. britney, christina, jessica… i often lost track in differentiating bimbos…

    ichi: well i don’t know, i never buy ’em… HAHAHHAKAHKAHKAHKHKAK!

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