Worst Dressed?

In Celebrity Talk, Entertainment, Fashion Police, Image Post, Silly Posts on July 10, 2007 at 2:22 am

I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Blackwell‘s 10 Worst Dressed Women lists over the years. I even envied him for gaining such attention by doing the thing I love most:

Bitching about other people’s dresses.

I thought it was the BEST job in the world. It’s like waking up every morning, having breakfast at the nearest cafe, scanning the surroundings and noting down fashion mistakes. On to lunch at some posh restaurant, sitting in your reserved corner, enjoying your salad while -again- noting down fashion faux-pas. And then going to a high-tea thingie, pretending to be interested to some rich wife’s tale about how her poodle got dyed blue, going to the men’s room to jot the fashion mistakes… and off to a cocktail party and do exactly the same, and emailing your thoughts of the day to a well known fashion magazine to have them printed for the next edition. And at the end of the year, the lists will be compiled into one conscised small list that’s released worldwide. Ah heaven.

God, it’s like a dream job. Especially the men’s room part (yeah Mr. Blackwell loves it too, methinks, so we DO have something in common!).

But again… every job has its ups and downs. And I surfed the net tonight and found this.

The Dude Himself

Right. With all due respect, Mr. Blackwell, Sir, I seriously think red is NOT your color. Might work on Bob Tutupoly, but not on ya. And um… that aviator specs… um no, they don’t make you look like Carrie Bradshaw or Leonardo DiCaprio either.

Well, the guy is 84 years old, and don’t get me wrong… I do respect the elders especially those in fashion. Heck, I’d never say such things to Mademoiselle Coco Chanel because she always always looked at her best. And God forbid me from bitching about Audrey Hepburn because I’d just burn in hell if I ever do. But then yeah, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut tonight. Mr. Blackwell should just remain wearing stylish tuxedos. Or maybe just maybe he holds on to what Mademoiselle Chanel said: “If you want to be irreplaceable, you have to be different.” Yeah he can do that. But I want to quote another of Coco’s greatest sayings to counter this: “The poetry of fashion lies in creating illusion.” And too many red isn’t illusion, it’s what I recognize as ‘distraction’.
I’m still a fan of the list, though.


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