Crush Du Jour

In Me Likey, Obsessed To Possess, Silly Posts on July 10, 2007 at 3:00 am

I know Dian Sastro is probably still in the relationship with him, and I really don’t mean to cause a stir.  Seriously, it’s just tacky to get into catfights over this kind of thing… but I’ve accidentally flirted with him at the end of last year… when Dian was with him.  I quite remember me and Dian’s conversation at Mr. Bean Coffee Citos that fateful afternoon:

Me:  “You sure you won’t let him go?”
Her:  “No.  Why would I?”
Me:  “Because I want him real bad.”
Her:  “Now now, we don’t know each other that well, Miund.”
Me:  “Oh come on, what else do you want?  You have everything.”
Her:  “SO?”
Me:  “So please be a good girl and just let him go.  He clearly belongs to me.”
Her:  “Sorry, Miund.  But no.”

The world is so freaking unfair.  How could she?

Adding pain into the injury, she just tucked him inside her LV Speedy and took off with a winning smile on her face.   I couldn’t get him out of my mind since.

MY Crush

Yeah I’ve done this kind of post with a picture of George Clooney and Brad Pitt a couple of years ago, the fateful post that led me into the arms of my Bebe.  Well, no harm trying another luck, right?  Afterall, the conversation with Dian Sastro at CiTos really happened and as “he” was a new thing for her too, she wouldn’t just let him go for half price for me.  Dang it.

So no worries, I have no interest in iBooks (well I do if you wanna give me for free).  I just want the Vaio VGN-TX770P/W in white.  It’s cute, it’s stylish… and it fits into an LV Speedy, which is a great thing as it will fit in my Chloe Edith.

In case anybody gets serious, my birthday is in October.  Consider this a pre-registry.  HAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAKHAKAHKAHKAHAKHK!!!

  1. iBook (MacBook?) is a she, and I’m secretly in love with her. Maybe next year… 🙂

  2. I want the same one, fits inside my fila perfectly 🙂
    If someone would give me one, not necessarily on my birthday, today is fine 😀

  3. bleu: ah so it’s a she. no wonder i’m not as infatuated… hahahahahakhakhakhakhk 😀

    anima: isn’t he gorgeous? well, he could be a she to you… who cares, it’s really REALLY gorgeous… if it’s a guy, it has the charm of George Clooney, and the looks of Brad Pitt! *drool*

  4. im in love with samsung’s prada phone… that or motorola krzr 🙂

  5. I’m easy, I would take any kind of laptop.

  6. […] harga yang edan-edanan, saya memutuskan untuk kembali mencoba merayu Dian Sastro untuk menghibahkan Vaio-nya pada saya. Lanjut ke toko berikutnya. Dan berikutnya. Dan […]

  7. sony is trying to be exclusive like mac,they make their own standards,think about it: every sony products use memory stick duo while others are using a simple MMC/SD.
    But still,for a high class windows notebook,i prefer Fujitsu.

  8. bebe: krzr… why do all motorola phones got such non-vowel names? it’s really confusing! 😀

    Herb: hahahahahahakhakhk… i was once like you, until i laid my eyes on the sexy Vaio…

    thinkthing: yeah well, i still think it’s the ultimate thing to carry around in my Edith.

    ps to anima: dude, as i re-read this post again, i couldn’t help but wonder… do they still have FILA bags in the market? it was an eighties thing wasn’t it? HAHAHAHAKHAKHK!

  9. ahaha kirain..

    berarti gue..lagi mangku opanya. grandfather on my lap. hihih bukan opanya dian loh. 😀

  10. cha: ih mangku opa opa ih… HAHAHHAAKAHKAHAKHKK!

  11. likewise! I couldn’t sleep for a year thinking of viao until fate slapped me in the face with the reality that I couldn’t afford it. Now, I”m into a relationshiop with a white macbook. Not bad 😀

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