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Mr. CondomAh Friday nights.  Time to catch up on what goes on around the world… and apparently, Durex is looking for so-called ‘condom testers’.  The news can be read here and refrain yourselves from saying: “What the f*ck?” because if you are of the male species, you might be slightly intrigued.  Hahahahahakahakhkhk!

Funnily enough, this news reminds me of something that’s totally UNsexual.  You see, in Indonesia there’s a tradition of blowing paper trumpets on New Year’s Eve.  I’ve always wanted to get a trumpet of my own since I was small, but my mother never allowed me to buy one.  “It’s unhygienic,” she always says, referring to the trumpets sold on streetsides.  I remained quiet for several years until there’s this one year (I was already in college) when I couldn’t take it anymore that I just had had had to get one.  So I was driving around with my cousins on a December 31st afternoon, shopping for New Year’s Eve (a.k.a getting booze to get tipsy) when I spotted a guy selling paper trumpets just outside the supermarket’s parking lot.  Feeling very confident as my mom wasn’t there to stop me, I came up to the guy.

“How much is this trumpet?”
“It’s 7.000 rupiah, Miss”
“What about the bigger one?”
“Ok I’ll get one.”

He pulled the bigger trumpet out of the stack and when he almost handed me the thing, I stopped myself from rummaging my bag for small change, and studied his face.

“How do I know it’ll make a sound?”
“It will,  Miss.  I tested them myself one by one
“Here, let me show you…”


And he blew it.  The trumpet -AND the chance to get 15.000 from me.  I swore to myself: Never again I would even attempt to buy such thing.  Ever.

Now my question is… if Durex is indeed looking for condom testers, is it going to be the same?

Because if it is…


  1. lol, probably next time they’re gonna invent reusable condoms. you know, like the cuci kering pake 😀

  2. Oh boy. I was thinking along totally different lines until I got to the trumpet story…eewwwweeeeeee!

  3. anima: yeah that crossed my mind too… DOUBLE EEEEEEEWWWWWWW!


  4. Hahahhahaa.. Maybe the new product will be dual layer double-sided condoms. And their new slogan for the product will be “Please use this side only.” or “B-sides are for testing purposes only.”

    Oh, hell, wait. Condoms are already double-sided aren’t they? &”§$”§%$!!!

    OK. This is scarier than the Johnson&Johnson’s tushy thermometer’s story..

  5. Zakky: don’t tell me you’ve been using the WRONG side. hahahahkahakhakh! maybe it should’ve had stitches like clothes for better differentiation. yeah. am gonna toss that idea to the durex people. *doh*

  6. Hahahahaha.. I nearly bursted out laughing reading your post.

    ‘I tested them myself one by one’

    hahahahahaha.. lol. And the Durex thing. It is indeed the most enjoyable, wonderful job in the world – only if we can call it a ‘job’. But then again, ain’t there any other way? Oh, hang on, I’m in Australia. Maybe I’ll apply. Mwahahahaha..

    I was joking. I’ll never apply. Hahahaha..

  7. andrew: why wouldn’t you apply? it’s a good deed, preventing AIDS from spreading, no?

  8. Had you started blowing new-year trumpets since you were a kid, you would’ve been immune to most of paper trumpets when you turned 12… 😉

  9. Yesterday I woke up from sleeping with my tees inside out. Because I dressed in the dark. Well, since I normally “dress” (condom wise) in the dark it’s only safe to say that prolly … got on the WRONG side did occur. Oh, man…..

    Well, you know what Phil Collins said, “We always need to ‘hear’ both sides of the ‘story'”. Maybe he wasn’t strictly talking about stories.

  10. oh i’m not so into preventing aids spread.. hahaha. this is just silly. even the world grows up..

  11. bleu: hm. never thought of that. yeah probably! HAHAHAKHAKHAKHK!

    Zakky: careful… taste defines age, my friend. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAKHAKHK!

    andrew: well think of it as doing a good deed with pleasure 😀

  12. Miund,

    Did they also ask them to try it with different person other than their partner? If so, that would a very long line … 🙂

  13. Beni: i think that’s what the news meant… HAHAHAHAKHAKAHKAHK! oh well. people would do just anything to get laid eh?

  14. MY GOD! and I’ve blown tons of them since… >< … no more trumpet next year!

  15. Fiona: aaawww sorry to ruin your belief system… HAHAHAHAHAAHKAHKK!

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