Six Weird Things About Miund

In Me Likey, Randomness, Silly Posts, Weird Philosophy on July 3, 2007 at 2:03 am

I got tagged a few months back, but since I put the post in my blogdrive blog which is now closed, I am so happy that Jennie tagged me into this. Let’s see now… six weird things about me. I’m darn sure there’s MORE than just six, but here are my weirdest things:

1. I get brilliant ideas in the oddest hours, mostly in bed and when I take showers. This just happened last night. You see I was supposed to sleep early last night because I was expected at the office to attend a 10 o’clock meeting this morning. I did fall asleep for a couple of minutes, but my brain didn’t stop working and suddenly I was awake again with bubbling ideas in my head that just needed to be spit out A.S.A.P. And that is when I thanked God for giving me a night-owl boyfriend. I called him up and gave him a ‘creative pitch’ until about 3 o’clock when he insisted that I should sleep. I woke up at 8, all happy and smiling… although VERY drowsy for the rest of the day.

2. I unconsciously think out loud sometimes. Thankfully it doesn’t happen a lot, because I accidentally offended some people back then when I did.

3. I can’t do number two in public toilets. I am very particular about bathrooms.

4. I always have to have the perfect last bite, hence the weird habit of sparing tiny pieces of my food for that one last bite.

5. The TV should be on at all times, even when I’m not watching. The sense of having somebody else talk in my room gives more comfort rather than dead silence or just music. I only put timer whenever I’m about to sleep.

6. I take notes when watching television shows I love and made small little rough rundowns for my own personal enjoyment. NOT FOR WORK. I managed to figure out how many cameras they were using for the Amazing Race and just LOVE to guess what the technical requirements are. It’s fun for me. I’m a geek. So what?

There. Top six among the weirdest things about me. I’m supposed to tag people, but hey… being the embracer of the free-souls… here you go… TAG YOURSELVES! HA!

  1. Wow, your brain is so powerful. Two processors, I suppose. 🙂 Thanks for sharing about your pickiness about public toilet. Same here. Thanks girl!

  2. Jennie: i guess my brain isn’t all that powerful. it just absorbs too many stuff, mixes it with i dunno what, and when it gets full, there’s nothing to do but squeeze it dry… hahahakhakahk 😀 … and yeah, public toilets are the pits. although i don’t really mind plaza senayan’s and most hotels’. but aside from them… nope.

  3. just like you, i always have my tv’s on though i dont necessarily watch them, and what’s weirder is i even put it on mute mode! i just feel not as alone as without the tv’s on. oh yea, and for point number 1, according to the book i’ve read, it happens to most people. i forgot what it’s called but it has something to do with psychology or some sort.

  4. me too for the public toilets. i just can’t held it that some malls and plazas here in Jakarta, which is a kind of metropolis city with lots luxury and cleanness, have no shower to was our feminine after we do ‘the booty call’ on their tiny toilet booth. i just can’t held it. coz, for me, it is a must to shower mine after do such thing. i feel fresher xP and i can’t stand if i just sweep it with a wet tissues. it’s not that clean, in my opinion.

    sorry if its a bit grossy xP

  5. @Miund and Kana, do you girls really have to talk about this kinda thingy publicly? Eeeewwwww….. 🙂

  6. to tag myself or not.. tag or not..

  7. I have to say that my kind of work had managed to make me a bit tolerant to public toilets. Maybe because I didn’t have much choice, same with the owners who didn’t have any other choice almost all of their lives.

  8. DwD: yea i think for people like us, TV gives a level of security that’s quite inexplicable!

    Kana: uh… i won’t go to that kind of details, but thanks for sharing anyway…

    Jennie: well i just mentioned that i could never do number two… not going anywhere more detailed than that… hahahahahakhakhakahk 😀

    anima: TAG! you’re it! HAHA!

    Silverlines: that’s the thing. i could tolerate sleeping spaces, food, means of transport, even bathing methods… but never toilets. there’s this one time i went to visit my relatives in Central Java for three days and when i got back to the city i gotta call in sick due to severe constipation. quite freaky. haha!

  9. […] heck, I wish I only have six things strange about me.. Why only six, […]

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