Annoying Me

In Daily Annoyance on June 28, 2007 at 10:46 pm

I usually write things that annoy me.  Well today is an exception because due to my flu, I apparently annoy those who are dear to me to the highest levels.   And therefore I would like to apologize for:

1.  My constant attention-seeking telephone calls
2.  My uncontrollable mood swings
3.  My exceptionally sensitive nose for smelling ‘mysterious’ reasons behind some actions

But come to think of it, I don’t have to apologize.  I have the flu, the sore throat and the painful joints and I’m entitled to be annoying.

  1. uuuhhhh….. pooor Miund…. get well soon, dear!

  2. Miund,
    I hope you feel better. I can do the same thing when I am sick. I prefer people stay away from me, let me a lone 🙂

  3. Get well soon, Dear.
    It never is fun to be sick !
    Time for your overdose vitamin C and water.

  4. Hi girl! Omg, how have u been? I just wrote on my site and saw you posted on the side! I hope you are doing good, I see you have the flu which is awful! I hope you feel better, and you are definitely entitled to your mood swings, for real. So rest up, relax and I get well soon!

  5. Get well soon, hon. 😉

  6. Girl, whenever you’re back to your old self again, check this out. I’ve tagged you:


  7. you never annoy me, darling

  8. Ibeth: thanks dear! i’m all better now 😀

    Beni Bevly: sometimes i want to be like you, but i can’t. when i’m sick i want people i love to stay close to me 😛 maklum deeeh anak tunggal… hahahakhakhakhk!

    Silverlines: it’s NEVER fun indeed. hey, how’s Bandung? are you having a good time there? i’m sooooo jealous!

    Sars: Saraaahhh!!! OMG it’s been ages! how are you? i’m all better now 😀

    Jennie: i’m all better now, girl! and yep i will spill six weird things about me after this 😉 thanks for the tag 😀

    Bebe: aawww… you are always sweet to me bebeeeee…

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