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In Celebrity Talk, Entertainment on June 22, 2007 at 10:10 pm

I just watched Mr. Bean’s Holiday. Being a fan of Rowan Atkinson for years, I’d have to say that this movie disappointed me. It’s not as funny as its first debut on theatres, nowhere near Johnny English’s comedy and a total screw up from the TV version -which I watched for too many times now.

Some would say: “What do you expect? It’s only comedy.”

No, people. To me comedy is important. If ‘comedy’ isn’t ‘funny’ anymore, then this world is doomed. And comedy should be everlasting. One should be able to laugh at one’s grandfather’s favorite comic’s antics. That’s why the genre is different than any other. Comedy is always relevant to time.

Mr. Atkinson, I promise I’ll get over what I saw in Mr. Bean’s Holiday and continue watching your performance as ‘The Devil’ at the Harvard Theater. I’ll pretend Mr. Bean’s Holiday never existed.

A message to fellow Indonesians who loves Mr. Bean: Rowan Atkinson is MORE than just a stupid guy in a beat-up brown suit, red necktie and white shirt. The man is an actor, with a comedic face which looks gorgeous when it’s not being used to portray a silly character we know as Mr. Bean. He loves cars, even owns one McLaren F1 car for his pure enjoyment. He graduated from Oxford and is very credible as an actor. Now, please, just for a moment, erase this from your minds…

Bean in Briefs

And replace the image with this for a change of perspective.

Gorgeous Rowan

If that’s not one hot fox you’re lookin’ at… well maybe you have no taste.

Cheers to you, Mr. Atkinson!

  1. when i look at the pictures of mr.bean * okay,, Mr.Atkinson,, i laugh very hard!! bwakakakakaaak… both of them are ridiculously funny.. nice pics!!

  2. adwee: thank you, but still… in my eyes, Rowan Atkinson is very hot! 😀

  3. A disappointing movie, indeed. Even my son was not entertained.
    Looking at the picture, though, I think he’s qualified to be the next Bond… seriously, if he can keep it that way…

  4. I think that sekuel sometimes can make a great film than the first film but sometimes sekuel can so emmbarasing and horribel. Because the company want to get more, more benefit coz fist film or series very famous. That’s why many producer forgot about how to make film not jut want to get benefit but have a greatand natural sory.
    But yeah we have to look our market to get benefit.
    So sometimes we have to foolow them but sometime we don’t have


  5. bleu: and i am still wondering why he has NOT been chosen as the next bond. dang. his performance in ‘Johnny English’ was really convincing, though. HAHAHAKHAKHAK!

    evelyn: sequels aren’t always that bad. i think mr. Bean’s Holiday wasn’t fortunate enough to get a better scriptwriter, that’s all 😉

  6. i thought it was gooood!

  7. Dear Mr. Bean,
    my sun enjoed your work very much. He watches your movie tape every day.
    He’s a brazilian child. Her dream is know you or at least received a mail, or better a latter.
    My english is very bad.

  8. he’s an actual gorgeous actor. i agree with you…

  9. i love mr bean,s pant,s they suit him

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