School Sucks (?)

In Daily Annoyance, Questions, Sarcasm, Ultimate Sarcasm on June 20, 2007 at 12:07 am

Okay, don’t be alarmed by the title of this post. Am just trying to copy the ways of tabloids in getting people to the edge of their seats here.

Now, the real matter.

I read this just now and was truly appalled.

What’s happening with Indonesia these days? First it was the natural disasters, political stupidities *yeah we got a lot of these since God knows when*… and now (pardon my language) stupid students? Haven’t this country suffered enough?

Just a few months ago my show featured a group of teachers from ‘Air Mata Guru‘ (translation: Teacher’s Tears) community, the teachers who are against leaking exams answers to students from North Sumatera. These teachers expressed their angst and deep concerns in the nation’s mentality. One of them brought hard proof to the show. The filled answers sheets. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I’m not even gonna start about how the government should be responsible for teachers’ welfare because it’s not gonna go anywhere anyway. I just couldn’t believe how the students are so mind-blowingly (again pardon my language) moronic. I mean, how hard is it to just STUDY? Don’t tell me that nowadays the lessons are harder than what I used to have in my time, because I pulled through. Might not be a straight A student, might not be head of the class, but I did my job damn well and never once I embarassed my folks by ‘not passing grades’. It is just fucking ridiculous how they cry in front of TV cameras, even screaming hysterically until they pass out.

I once had this discussion with my boss, the son of a school principal.

Me: “Why can’t they just pass the exam? From what I can remember, it used to be pretty tough but not THAT tough”
Him: “The parents. It’s the parents who let them do what they want. Discipline doesn’t exist anymore nowadays.”

He’s right, methinks. In my days, there weren’t that much distraction to keep me away from my books. And having strict parents helped so much in this area. I wasn’t the bookish type as well, but somehow Mr. and Mrs. Wreksono had managed to discipline me without enforcing military methods -whatever that is-.

In the era of Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, Cable TV, Internet and whatever junk kids today have, shouldn’t the parents be more careful?

Or is it the new parenting trend? You know, NEVER say NO to the child?

If it’s indeed what so-called parenting experts think, I have to state my utter disagreement. Had my parents never said NO to me, I wouldn’t be sitting here angrily typing about how students today are insanely dumb. And whoever’s fault it is… NO, I’m not anymore asking pardon for my language because it is sadly true.


  1. yea, why is that? why are they getting dumber? you know maybe it’s not that they are getting dumber, i think the teachers have lost their respects from the students. so when they set good examples for the students they’d just ignore them.

  2. i agree with u. i think parents forget that they have relationships with their children.

    and in any relationship, there’s a two way thing going on: give and take.

    nowadays parents fall over their kids to make sure all is ok.

  3. bebe: my answers to you are already put on MSN messenger 😉 let’s buy an island, not think about dumb students and prosper as i suggested. HAHA!

  4. John Orford: yes. and they hide behind ‘parenting experts’ opinions’ while consistently being a doormat to their children. it’s absolutely downright sickening. i know i might be judged as ‘the single and childless know-it-all’ after my strong remarks (when are my remarks NOT strong anyway), but i couldn’t care less. i might never been a parent before, but i sure hell know how to behave as a child.

  5. Why parents like that to their childern coz maybe they want their child to be expert more than them.
    Coz they try to do everything to pay school, to pay some extra so they want their child can make them very proud of them..
    Usually many parents in the world forget that child have own image about the future, about their career, and many more.
    Some parents be mature but some of them always childish than they child.
    Coz their parents always give much money to pay their education so the child thing that they have to make their parents very proud of them and they don’t think about anything..
    That’s way many students so lazy to study coz they don’t like to study without they love about it. .
    Sorry if my grammar so amuradul…

  6. evelyn: well this blog is open for responses in Bahasa Indonesia. saya orang Indonesia kok 🙂

  7. australia is just the same.

    they’re trialling starting school later [ie. 10am or later] while right now, school already starts at 9am. do you know why? well they say it’s because children concentrate better later in the day and it’s SO hard for them to wake up early. how tragic.

    and another thing, they’re thinking about getting rid of homework because it’s taking too much of the students’ time.

    australian parents also let their kids take a day off school to accompany them shopping. oh why didn’t you come to school yesterday? my mum wants me to go shopping with her.

    let’s not have school at all.

  8. drie: no kidding! man, let’s not have school at all indeed. i’m freaking concerned about this. what if i have children in the future? what good would such stupid regulations do to my children? where’s this world leading to? damnation? maaaannn!

  9. hey that 10AM school is ingenious, i think. i mean let the kids start studying at their most convenient time i.e. not too early so they can be fully awake in classrooms. my brother has to drag his feet to the shower every morning so that he can get to school on time, now that is not starting the day in a good mood. if only he had one or two more hour of sleeping time, it’d be perfect… waking up feeling refreshed, no feet dragging, no yelling mummy telling him that he’s gonna be late if he is not eating his breakfast at this very moment. whoaa.. i’m going to make my own school. hahahah

  10. bebe: see? let’s buy an island and start our own empire thus the freedom to create our own school 😀

  11. well,, in my point of view,, schools ARE getting tougher and tougher.. i said so because i’m still 18,, FYI, last year i passed the high school what so ever.. so i still remember what we used to feel become a student.. students now are being forced to learn so many subjects which maybe don’t have any relations to their job in the future.. gosh… can u imagine.. i had to go to school at 5.50 AM because the bell rung at 6.30 AM.. study at school until 1.45 PM and i still had to take courses *bimbel* until 6.00 PM.. God!! we are too TIRED to study at home.. in Indonesian I’ll say “otak gw dah bulukan!!!”.. did u still expecting me to study at home?? HELL NO! let’s make the school more creative,, more interesting,, don’t force us to do/learn things that we don’t like!! that’s why we become stupid.. because you FORCE us!!! we just need a cozy and supportive environment to study.. not your yelling at us saying that we are stupid if we can’t solve one of your tasks or if we don’t do our homework… come on teacher,, be creative… make your subject fun!! so that we could feel fun when we learn it..

    sorry if my grammar isn’t good enough… 😀 I’m still learning…

  12. I do think the workload for students now is more than it used to be (my era, at least), especially in the early education. That said, I agree the central of this whole education is the student’s parents.

    I know someone who, for some time, didn’t realize that his son has spent three years doing only thesis for his bachelor degree. And they lived in the same house…

    My point is, it needs to be a continuous process or communication between parents and children. It can’t be managed by exception, i.e. when the child fails a class. And it should cover more than formal (school) education – y’know, like attitudes and ethics.

  13. adwee: i’m sorry, i have to ultimately disagree with you. if schools are getting “tougher”, what do you think the real world is like? i work almost 24 hours a day, and i don’t complain. i think it is good that kids nowadays are being prepared for how the real world works. you guys are plain crybabies nowadays. so what if you study 12 hours a day? it’s for your own good anyway. and believe me, seeing the ‘now’ generation hanging out at the likes of Kemang Food Fest on school nights doesn’t convince me that you kids are actually ‘tired’. students in Japan have tougher ‘schedule’ than students in Indonesia, and yes their country is far more advance than ours. so these kids have to quit the ‘cengeng’ attitude and stop complaining that they don’t study the things you like. there will come a time in their lives where they can do the things they love -like what i’m doing now-, but it will NEVER come if they don’t go through the hard phase. can’t really blame the teachers for old methods in teaching, and yes they need some refreshments on how to handle today’s kids. but expecting a ‘fun’ school is way out of this world because let’s just face it: school can NEVER be fun and people just HAVE to deal with it. and there is NO ‘cozy’ environment to study in, because students have to be able to adapt to a long-forgotten thing called ‘discipline’.
    my point is: students are not just dumber these days, they are SPOILED as well. and that is NOT good. i’m still not apologizing for my fucking strong opinion because i know what i am saying. i was one of those people who had to struggle to get to where i am now and talking about getting it the easy way with me is just crap.

  14. bleu: yes and parents have no choice but to quit being doormats to their children. *tetep* hahakhakahk!

  15. […] kalo merasa ketampar ya silakan aja sih.  Posting ini adalah tindak lanjut dari posting saya disini.  Harus diakui memang blog saya yang bahasa Inggris itu selalu sepi pembaca jadi saya merasa […]

  16. hemm.. let’s get it straight, not all of the are spoiled.. u can’t just say that we all like to go to Kemang Food Fest what so ever at school nights,, not all of us like that.. well, i don’t.. my parents won’t let me do that… one of my friends, whom i know is very discipline and smart, have to failed to pass high school because of the national exams, i don’t know why she could failed.. now i’m asking, do we get dumber? or just the school regulation needs to be changed? or what? because me, the so-so student, could pass the national exams with good marks.

    i agree with u that the world is cruel, now i’m in college and i have to study with out numbered tasks..

  17. adwee: i know it sounds like a mighty generalization, which it was not intended to be anyway (or was it? i don’t know, i was so freaking angry and wanted to slap these stupid students’ butts for being so stupid). however, i know that among the stupid ones there are still the better ones. your smart and discipline friend didn’t pass probably because she failed at one subject. they say if you get through the passing scores even whithout gleaming numbers for ALL subjects then you pass. but if you get bling-blingy scores except for one subject that does not pass the border, then you fail. it’s so simple. in the end, it’s not about shining at some subjects and be ignorant to one subject you don’t happen to like, it’s about generally understanding what you learned throughout the years and mastering each and every subject.

    it’s good that your parents don’t allow you going out on school nights and hang out like others, and it’s also good that you managed to pass highschool even with a ‘so-so student’ mark. i did too, i wasn’t a star in my class or whatever, but i pulled through. i, however, still think that what makes other students ‘stupid’ and didn’t manage to pass the national exams is the fact that they are spoiled rotten.

    and they do NOT deserve to be defended.

  18. hmm.. my opinion is that sometimes the education system what-so-ever is getting too harsh on the students. I mean, they raise the grade limit higher, while there’s no revision in the curriculum. why have students nowadays become lazier? it’s because they’re used to it.
    at school, they are too dependent to their teachers to teach them everything; and then they take additional classes (a.k.a bimbel) where they’ll get an ‘instant formula’ to get the correct answer (baca: rumus cepet / cara cepet). and they think that should be enough.
    dude, WRONG!! I agree, they just don’t study as hard as they think.
    but students here never learn to develop the thinking process, like how problems should be solved, from the basic. they are used to getting everything in the easy way. (hey, that sounds like our bureaucracy!)
    that’s what we lack of. I mean the system. whatever. at least we graduated from high school anyway. and without the easy way. huhu.

  19. i can think only one word:IGNORANCE

    put it this way.
    I grew up without full supervision from my parents, yip yapping about how important it is to drag my lazy ass and go to school. And distractions from early internet (dude what the hell is happenin with MIRC?? -najisssss jadi inget jaman2 ngenet pake id:ce_kece huahauhaua-) to student organization to boyfriends drama’s never got in my side.
    The thing is either you can identify your need for these whole school thingys or you can’t (or don’t want in some points). Because when you want it, you’ll go for it no matter what. no matter the system, the teachers, the drama’s, the malls, the whatever it is to hush your ass off of your desk and set your eyes to whatever metana etana sultana like the time it almost killed me in 10th grade :p
    It is not always being the genius who gets all the attentions. It is to know what you want out of life and how bad you want it that matter.

    And for the sake of whatever, talking about the system is just as useless as talking about Darfur. Everyone knows where it is but no one sure how to deal with it and again what to do with it.

    P.S: the luck charm does the wonder too sometimes..;)

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