A Thought On DJs’ Thoughts

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Ampun DiJeeee!This conversation happened somewhere in 2004 through MSN Messenger.

+  “So what do you do in your spare time?”
–  “Oh I go to clubs and DJ”
+  “REALLY?  You don’t sound like a DJ”
–  “What does a DJ sound like?”
+ “I don’t know.  Do you seriously DJ?”
–  “Yeah.”
+ “So what’s your stage name?  Do you have one?”
–  “Yeah I do.  It’s DJ B****M”

That DJ friend of mine and I are dating right now.  Haven’t seen him perform just yet, but I am indeed curious.

Last night, me and Mr. Former-DJ-Yearning-For-A-Comeback went out to a new club.  When the music gets louder and the crowd gets fuller, I lost myself in space again as usual, staring at the DJ booth, wanting to tell the DJ that I was his friend back in junior high but ended up chickening out because I was afraid he wouldn’t recognize me.  So I looked at him playing and suddenly I burst out laughing.  My boyfriend threw me a weird look.

Him:  “What happened?”
Me:  “Nothing.  I just felt like I wanna write about DJs after this.”
Him:  “Why?”
Me:  “You’ll see.”

With much respect to the DJ profession, I still couldn’t help myself to think: “What do DJs do, exactly?”  I mean, seriously, I’ve always wanted to put thought bubbles above their heads and fill ’em up myself.  And here are some texts I’d like to put inside the thought bubble.  Sorry lovely DJs, I really couldn’t help myself 😀

‘Okay I’m gonna start with something mild.”
‘No wait, it’s too mild.  I gotta rock the house.  Oh, sorry. Not ‘rock’, maybe ‘lounge’ it up a little.  Yeah.’
‘Ooo… hot girl! Hot girl! Okay. Calm down, she’s staring at you.  Look busy.”
‘The crowd isn’t moving much. Let’s see what happens if I turn um… this button…’
‘Okay now we’re talkin’.’
‘Hot girl staring again.  Look busy.’
‘I am so damn bored, I wanna listen to Celine Dion.  Where is my earphone?  Ah here it is.  Of course I won’t wear ’em like I should, I’d look like a nerd.  One earphone on one ear.  Yeah that’s cool.’
‘Oh man… Miss Celine and My Heart Will Go On deserve a beer.  Cheers y’all’
‘The crowd is NOT moving.  Okay, let’s try a Latin beat. Ahhhh there you go.  Shake that booty, hot girl.  Yeah. Give it to Papi…’
‘Ok now my girlfriend is staring at me.  Back to house music.  No baby, I didn’t play Latin for that hot girl.  Really.’
‘I think I want some hands in the air.  I’m gonna add a bit scratchin’.  Yea I know it’s too nineties, but let’s give it a try.’
‘Now they’re boo-ing me.  Code red. Code red.’

I don’t know if it’s funny to you, but these thoughts always crack me up even when I soberly attend a party.  Can’t believe it took me YEARS to finally put it down in writing. Is it just me or is there anybody else out there who thinks the same?

Ampun DiJeeeeeee!

*picture taken from gettyimages

  1. seriously, yeah. what do DJs do? O_o

  2. yea, i just wonder what DJs do exactly..this is what u thought a DJ think..
    ‘I am so damn bored, I wanna listen to Celine Dion. Where is my earphone? Ah here it is. Of course I won’t wear ‘em like I should, I’d look like a nerd. One earphone on one ear. Yeah that’s cool.’
    recently i ask my friend who are a DJ who confess
    ‘I am so damn bored, I wanna listen to Kucing Garong. Where is my earphone? Ah here it is. Of course I won’t wear ‘em like I should, I’d look like a nerd. One earphone on one ear. Yeah that’s cool.’..reality bites

  3. just so that you guys know, ladies and gentlemen of the audience… the above conversation wasn’t verbatim with the actual conversation. she wrote it as if i was a party animal 🙂

  4. anima: yep. exactly. 😀

    platinumrio: well then i’d have to say that your friend is not at all original. he stole my thoughts. BWAHAHAHAHAAAKHAKHAKK!

    bebe: aw ok then you didn’t say it like that. but you sure mentioned your stage name 😉

  5. […] inilah mengapa saya punya imajinasi berlebihan mengenai profesi DJ saat […]

  6. umm, i’m curious for the DJ’s name…
    DJ B****M….

  7. Kana: am not telling!

  8. LOL!!! Like, my DJ friends should read this?
    Nuh. Still need those guestlists and free flows runnin, haha. I’m such a disco bumb.

    Not all DJs are posers, ma’am.
    Some of them actually have brains to go with the attitude.
    Some produce their own music, or manage their own recording label.
    And some, finally hit it off with a bunch of hot girls.

    Good one, nonetheless. 😉

  9. Marisa: well i’m not really saying all deejays are posers, it’s just that i couldn’t help creating the dialogues as i watch them do their thing hahahkahkahkak. and yeah, i’ve been told by some of my dj friends that they aren’t as lucky as some might think in the women department. hence the post. HAHAKAHKAHKA 😀

  10. LOL. Not for all DJ thought. 🙂

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