Stop Me. Stop Me Now.

In Celebrity Talk, Entertainment, Fashion Police, Image Post on June 15, 2007 at 12:58 am

It’s so freaky how I couldn’t seem to stop myself from commenting stuff around me and stuff I see on the magic box called ‘television’. Hm. Maybe that’s why I have not one but TWO blogs, one in English and one in Bahasa Indonesia. Oh well. Seems like nobody have gotten the finger cuffs I once requested, so here I am, typing my thoughts about Ms. Hilton.

I don’t really care about her release the other day, nor do I care about her getting back into jail. I just noticed the fact that the notorious party girl no matter how guilty she is… she never gets out of style. I mean, seriously, look at her!

Paris Hilton

Black ribbon on hair, crisp white shirt, black vest and trousers, grey adorable cropped blazer and a Chanel bag. Oh yeah, don’t forget the signature ‘I’m-too-good-for-anything’ pout. My my. It’s lucky I wasn’t the judge. If I was, I’d just fine her for looking too fine, and probably send some of my subordinates with a search warrant into her closet to raid her handbags (I’d love to have her pink Chanel thingies and Balenciaga Motorcycle bags!). And I’d say the American police made a true mistake in having her arrested NOW, as she should’ve been arrested THEN because of doing THIS:

Diggin’ Deep

I call it: “Abusive behavior to a very nice Pucci-printed bikini”. That’s enough to make a case out of it, no?

Okay okay I’ll stop now before I get bitchier than I already am.

  1. u know when i was still in ny, ms. hilton asked me if the bikini was really by pucci. and like i didn’t know, and no one else knew… she bought the two-piece anyway. maybe it’s not thats why it gives her rash or something

  2. bebe: AHAHAHAHAKHAKHAKHAKK!!! is it Pucci anyway? :D:D

  3. i think the only pucci is the thing she is scratching hahahahah


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