The May Lee Show: Maybe.

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May LeeI’ve watched The May Lee Show a couple of times now.  Love the concept, love the messages it sent and as an Asian woman, I really dig how the show tries to feature fantastic women from the region.  I really had high expectations seeing their promo on Star World.


As a viewer, I don’t feel very ‘entertained’ and often flick channels when things get really… s l o w.  I just feel that something is still missing from this show.  When I discussed this with some friends (none of them works for TV), they said May Lee has no personality.  I totally disagree.  She’s smart, knows what she’s talking about and obviously inspiring.  But her personality is very strong sometimes I think that she has to tone things down a little and be more relaxed.  I mean, she looks pretty ‘serious’ for a talkshow host… and the setting of the show isn’t meant to be Larry King-ish so she should lighten up a bit.

One of Indonesia’s famous TV personalities once told me: “If you want people to relate to you, you have to be able to relate to people.”  I think he’s right.  And maybe it’s why I can’t relate to May Lee just yet.  Not because I’m Indonesian and she’s a foreigner.  She might be a veteran in the TV world, but to new eyes like mine, she’s just another new talkshow host.  I’m not going to compare May to Oprah or Ricki Lake or some sort, but I’d have to say that there’s one thing I see in them that I haven’t seen in May Lee.  The charm and the contagious laugh.  She’s very refined in her words that most of the time I find myself telling the TV: “Come on, girl I’m not watching the news here!”

There is a lot of room for improvement for the show, seriously.  I just wish they’d insert more entertainment instead of cramming too much information that often leads the supposedly fun talkshow into a bo-ring discussion.  Afterall, no matter how noble the idea was to create such show, television is still television.  Viewers are still hungry for entertainment and sometimes it just gets vicious when they don’t get what they want.  And viewers like me love to see that there are inspiring women from around Asia, but to be drowned in a heavy talk about it?  Heck, I’d go to National Geographic for in-depth coverages while screaming “Gimme my Starworld BACK!”

It is very hard to work on a talkshow -especially with some dimwits incapable beings in production (oops), however, it’s not so hard to really know what I want to see -as a viewer- from a talkshow for Asian women.  Let me list ’em down:

1.  The Young and Successful Women from the region
2.  Asian Love:  IT IS DIFFERENT FROM WESTERN CULTURE! (give westerners insights on how things work differently in Asia so that they won’t raise their eyebrows when we say we’re almost 30 and STILL live with our parents)
3.  Travel and Food!
4.  Asian Beauty Workshop:  How To Select Beauty Products For Asian Skin (uh huh, we ARE different and proud of it)
5.  Eligible Asian Bachelors (I bet there are a lot of them around and they are YUM!)

Et cetera.  If I go on, I might recite all 13 episodes stuck in my head including the treatments to each episode and I’m not doing it for free. HAHA!

Oh well… I’m gonna watch the show again next week and I really hope there will be something to rave about.  Let’s hope they’ll manage to snatch Christina Aguilera from her Hong Kong tour and have her perform live WITH a full-fledge band because what they did with Tata Young truly disappointed me.  Ms. Young was fantastic but why did she only get minus one?  She deserved a full band, a nice stage and a hell lot of lighting works.

So girls, let’s give this show another chance and let’s hope it gets better every week.  Afterall, if us Asian women don’t watch the show dedicated to us, who will?

*picture from May Lee’s flickr page

  1. you mayleeave when maylee show is on 😉

  2. bebe: and jump into your arms? 😀

  3. Hmm, that makes me think. Sounding too smart? 🙂 What kinda personality would fit well? Rachael Ray? Oprah? Larry King? Thanks for this posting, it really makes me think. Have a great weekend.

  4. Jennie: the kind of personality that would fit very well is the host’s own personality, PLUS a little bit of charm and a dash of wit. it depends on the show, really. Larry King despite his seriousness still manages to have witty comments thrown on his show. so yeah, the charm, the wit and the will to entertain people is important, methinks.

  5. haha, miss miund, i think you really have to start your own show real soon. 🙂

  6. I may not be as bubbly as Rachael Ray nor as serious as Larry King. I may not be as empathetic as Oprah (sometimes I feel “gedeg” and wanna “punch” people he he). Hmm… lemme think and start a short talkshow-wanna be pilot later this year.

  7. Belon pernah nonton May Lee Show .. tapi baca deskripsinya, mungkin mirip dgn Tyra Show yach? … ketawa terlalu diatur, ngomong ngga lepas .. jadinya gemes yg nonton.

  8. vienz: nyeeh… i know what i’m good at and talking isn’t one of my best traits 😀

    Jennie: think away and let’s! 😀

    santi: never watched Tyra Banks’ show. i like Ellen Degeneres’ show although she sometimes does too much dancing! HAHAKHAKAHKK!

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