On Being ‘Confident’

In Randomness on June 13, 2007 at 10:16 pm

Just got a sms from a friend who’s struggling to make it in Indonesia’s entertainment scene.  Here’s what he said:

Miund, please tell me things you know about me be it good or bad.  I’m suffering from a confidence crisis.

I replied:

You are smart, friendly, charming but never confident with what you have.  And it makes me wonder why.

And I really wonder why some people who ‘have everything’ almost always think that they have ‘nothing’.  It’s like listening to the likes of Paris Hilton saying: ‘Oh I am in agony… my diamond ring doesn’t fit anymore… I’m fat and I’m not confident at all’  or ‘I am soooo not confident right now.  I wear RED Manolos and it doesn’t match my PURPLE Oscar De La Renta gown’

Man.  What is it with this world?

  1. kapitalisme dan konsumerisme?
    or memang manusia ga pernah puas ya?

  2. that’s not true, i always think that i have everything… the look, the blings, the moolah, even THE girl 🙂

  3. stella: memang tidak pernah puas sih sepertinya, or just being a crybaby.

    bebe: oh you DO have THE girl, darling 😉

  4. yodee emang PD banget yak?!!! Bagus deh!..

  5. dee: he is confident because he has me 😉

  6. Jennie: always 😉

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