Kissy Kiss

In Girl Talk on June 13, 2007 at 1:03 am

Kiss In The Sun!+ So, are you a good kisser?
– Wanna find out?
+ Yes.

And then it happened. The Kiss.

I’m not talking about a peck on the cheek or two lips brushing gently. I’m talking about a full blown kiss. It wasn’t planned, but it was allowed. And it was indeed great.

“So, do you think he likes you?”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Well he’s a great kisser.”
“And you two are now an item?”
“Define ‘item’, please”
“Well, is everything official?”
“Define ‘official’, now”
“You mean you guys just kissed?”
“Um yeah.”

It was hard to get a shriek as a response, seriously.

Why do people need confirmations of commitment to kiss? I mean, a kiss is definitely an act of intimacy between two persons -who usually are attracted to each other. And when these two people are as free as a bird in terms of relationship status, then who has the right to forbid kissing? Nobody.

To me, the first kiss always says it all. It says how the relationship’s gonna begin. It helps you decide whether you like kissing this person for the rest of your life or preparing you to dump him / her when you’re done kissing. It even says how the person kissing you actually feels about you that you don’t need any more confirmations.

Why in the world am I rambling about kissing?

Maybe because I miss him so much.

  1. kissy kiss, bebeee

  2. get a room, lovebirds … (maybe two, if you’re in Middle Eastern countries)

  3. come to think of it, yeah, it always starts with a kiss 😀

  4. Owwwww…. sweet 😉 Jadi kalo awalnya pas kiss kiss udah gak nikmat…. jangan diterusin gituh? hhuuaaahaaahaaaa…..


    Zakky: oh we DO have a room 😀

    anima: it always does!

    Ibeth: you got it, girl 😉

  6. zakky: a separate room??? then what is that gonna do good to us? 😉

  7. bebe: to keep our belongings, probably. HAHAHAKHAKHAKHAKAHKK!!!

  8. Oh gitu ya ternyata arti ciuman pertama? *berusaha mengingat2 berhubung gw ketemu laki gw 8 tahun lalu hahahah*

  9. yodee + miund: hmm .. just another excuse to utilize “your place or my place” in your conversation?

  10. santi: 8 tahun belom lama kok. ayo diinget-inget lagi coba. 😀

    Zakky: oh we never need to do that, dude. we strongly believe in John Legend’s song… ‘so what if they watch when we do what we do…’ HAHAHAHAHAKHAKAHKHK!

  11. Oh.my.dear.God. I thought I was the only one who’s taken classes at Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s Charm School…

  12. My first french kiss was 3 years ago (geez!)…
    and a guy I really want to kiss is JOSH HARNETT.
    You’ll get ALL parts of my LIPS….hahahahaha

  13. dee: josh hartnett is sooooooo 90’s! 😀

  14. i think i would kiss Ewan McGregor. I mean, I’m all for thin lips anyway.. OH! and may be Jude Law.. I mean, who doesn’t? Heehee..

    “Why do people need confirmations of commitment to kiss?”

    I totally agree with you.

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