A Toast To An Excellent Finale

In Entertainment, My American Idol Addiction, TV Talk on May 25, 2007 at 11:53 am

After Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones were eliminated from American Idol this season, I kinda lost interest in watching Blake and Jordin’s battle towards the throne.  And Jordin, as I predicted, won the title and the whole thing.

However, I have to say that the production team of American Idol pulled it off again this year in delivering such a great finale show.  Aside from the weirdos-dedicated award show that gets older and older each year, putting big names to perform in the show is such a brilliant idea.  Mr.  Tony Bennet successfully marked his ‘ultimate idol’ title and should be put in a pedestal.  They did put him in such a way that would make any aspiring new artists eager in pursuing their dreams.  And no, there’s no such thing as a song too old or an arrangement too ‘classic’.  Which makes me wonder… why aren’t the producers of Indonesian Idol yet brave enough to put Ismail Marzuki’s classy legendary piece: ‘Juwita Malam’ in its true original form?  Because it’s not interesting to local viewers, yeah I got that answer last year from one of RCTI’s top brass.  Uh huh sure.  No ratings.  Oh well, that’s a different story.  Let’s just get back to AI’s Finale, because there are just a few notable moments and stuff within the show that I just just… just have to comment on 😉

1.  Melinda, LaKisha, Gladys Knight.  I can’t say anything else:  I LOVE YOU!
2.  Randy’s tux.  What’s with the embroidery,  dawg?
3.  Constantine Maroulis’ eyefuck-the-camera-routine as he sat in the audience when Ryan Seacrest presents something in front of him.  Man… despite how cute Constantine is and how hard I fell for him back then, it is a no-no to even stare at the camera when it’s rolling and using you as the background.  In my language, this behavior is called ‘curi-curi eksis’ and it’s such a kampungan move, I tell you. You’ll go from Greek god to anak singkong in no time.  Please Constantine… you had your moment back then and it is time to freaking move on, dude.

So again, to great people at 19 Entertainment and Fremantlemedia North America:  Cheers for an amazing finale!  Can’t wait for the next season of American Idol 🙂

And I’d like to use the occassion to send some quick messages to our local channel that airs Indonesian Idol.  Been wanting to spew it all here all these times but haven’t been ticked enough, until I saw the contestants on their ‘rock’ theme.  Here goes… *deep breath*

Dudes… Radja is soooo last year,
Jamie Aditya needs a serious Bahasa Indonesia lessons,
Do we really need Anang?,
Do you really need that much money to keep the show going by displaying sponsors’ products on the judges’ table it sickeningly look like a small warung, because if so, maybe it’s better to buy the live-broadcast rights for American Idol as it’s probably cheaper than making a show that bears the brand but looks nowhere near the original thing,
Is your stylist even ‘stylish’ and does s/he even know the meaning of ‘style’?,
And yeah… your contestants suck big time this year.


  1. i dont watch idols, seriously. is it that bad in indonesia?

  2. I totally agree…
    to both about the American Idol and Indonesian Idol!
    wonder when Lakisha and Melinda’s own album is released…

    anima, the current Indonesian Idol is THAT bad!

  3. “Is your stylist even ’stylish’ and does s/he even know the meaning of ’style’?”

    Hahahhaaa … don’t watch this week’s show. You’ll be promptly in dying needs of clawing your eyes out.

  4. anima & alien: i’m not saying the show is bad. people like it, so how can it be bad? what i’m saying is… it’s really OUT of its original format. just try to watch american idol and indonesian idol at the same time. it’s way off. our version of the show is VERY cluttered. firstly, i don’t see why we almost always need to have FOUR judges instead of three. i mean, are they so indecisive that they couldn’t work in a smaller team? and the sponsors… oh my God. just put a frame in front of anang and he’ll look like some guy waiting for people to buy tango goodies from his warung. when american idol got coca cola as their sponsor, they came up with the red background we know today. very simple idea, very classy in execution and very clean. just put the coke glasses in front of the judges and that’s it. people know it’s sponsored by coca cola. i think the indonesian idol marketing team has to be way more creative on how to embed sponsors in the show.

    Zakky: oh thank goodness i didn’t watch. was too busy chatting with my friends. hey is it just us or do people REALLY think what the contestants wear on the show are eyesores? i’m beginning to think we’re the minority here. LOL.

  5. tapi mbak,
    the contestants are THAT BAD, kok…

    (or probably, it’s just me… I don’t know…)

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