The Top Three

In Celebrity Talk, My American Idol Addiction, TV Talk on May 17, 2007 at 2:43 am

American Idol LogoOkay. I thought I’d never post another thing about American Idol 2007, especially after LaKisha Jones got kicked out last week (yes it broke my heart to pieces, and no I’m not totally over it yet). There goes my dream of having a KiKi VS Melinda in the finals. But the show goes on and it’s down to Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks and my lovely Melinda Doolittle.

Won’t go all ‘deep’ and ‘thorough’ like I usually do, but I managed to jot some light notes on the top three show. Here goes:

– Lovin’ Melinda all the way as usual. She’s gonna win this season of American Idol.
– Yes, Simon Cowell was right. Ryan Seacrest was at least a wee bit high if not drop dead stoned. I mean, come on, what’s up with the ‘did did did’ in response to Randy Jackson’s ‘yo yo yo’? Seacrest, if you think can’t pull it off, the magic word is DON’T.
– Jordin’s rendition of Donna Summer’s ‘She Works Hard For The Money’ was okay. However, her platform shoes got in the way. Tsk. Clearly, a ‘today’ kid would never have the guts to dance on that kind of sole-thickness.
– Blake usually annoys me… and he managed to annoy me out of my mind with the beat-boxing in Maroon Five’s ‘This Love’. Blake, listen to me and listen good: Never ever mess up with people’s song. Especially when the original singer is as hot as Adam Levine. It’s nothing, really, it’s just that you’re not THAT hot. The ‘eye-fucking-the-camera’ techniques only worked for Constantin Maroulis because he’s, well, hotter than you are.
– Although liking her voice, I hate Jordin’s last song. It belongs in the attic.
– Still wondering why Melinda didn’t dress all sexy for Peggy Lee’s ‘I’m a Woman’. It’s a sexy song and she should’ve shown some skin.
– I didn’t hate Paula Abdul so much tonight. She’s okay.

Prediction? Blake’s gonna get the axe. Wait, this is more like a personal wish.

Finals with Melinda and Jordin should be interesting. Not great, but interesting. And it will give me great disappointment if Melinda doesn’t win.

Oh well. Let’s see about it tomorrow night.

  1. waaaah.. what a coincidence! i also posted something about AI’s top three. i agree with you that blake’s going, BUT i love the guy, heheheh… melinda is a good singer, but she’s so perfect she gets boring these days!

    my wish goes for jordin. though i have a feeling melinda is gonna win, i’m quite confident the future belongs to jordin, hehehhehe…

  2. lenje: well, Blake, compared to other male contestants (especially that infuriating Phil Stacey) is surely the most likeable. however, just like you said in your blog, his beatboxing is kinda ‘maksa’. and yeah, he’s got a very ‘today’ voice and style. as for Jordin, i agree with you. she’ll be one of the big names in the industry, yeah. maybe i’m not too excited because i was rooting for KiKi :D. my biggest concern goes to Melinda’s post-idol career. hope the producers aren’t dumb enough to make her sing stupid-titled songs like “Sorry 2004” like Ruben Studdard did. haha!

  3. Melinda : my favorite, she’s unique and talented. Too bad though…
    Blake : since Melinda’s out already, I guess it’s going to be him. He’s unique ang he dares to take the risk.
    Jordin : I do not know why people like her. She’s just so-so. I’m afraid she’s going to be the next Katherine Mcphee

  4. mikearmand: ah good ol’ Kat. too bad the ‘second-place-succeeds-better’ curse didn’t work on her. i honestly don’t care anymore who would win. the show threw me off completely now.

  5. Well, I still have to watch it since I use it as my final thesis.

  6. BTW, do you happen to have all of Simon Cowell’s criticisms this season ?? I need them for my final thesis.
    The only good thing from the “departure” of Melinda is that I will be able to get many data of criticisms next week.

  7. “the show threw me off completely now.”

    You can help me bury American Idol season 6 with me then. Funeral details will be announced shortly.

    Hehehhee.. at least that’s what currently resides in my mind these days.

  8. And, oh, forgot to say thanks on the comments and the compliment on my blog. Some blog you have here as well.

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