Ode For Ms. Doolittle

In My American Idol Addiction, Silly Poems on May 17, 2007 at 7:04 pm

I couldn’t resist to dedicate these words for Ms. Melinda Doolittle. With much much respect, that is.

The first time I heard you sing, I was blown away
Even Simon didn’t have any word to say
Paula didn’t act silly nor stupid
And inside, Randy says: “This is it!”

You went through the next round with great success
But hey, it’s public expectation I guess
A peck from Simon on the cheek
Got you through the boring Hollywood Week!

Top 24 was rather tough
You deserved the spotlight, but didn’t get enough
Everybody’s too busy fighting to stay
While you kept on singing
Doing your thing
And before you know it, it’s the top 12 day

Oh Ms. Doolittle I love how
You leave the judges every time with a ‘wow’
They tried to hate you but they failed
And I figured everything was gonna be smooth-sailed

But Ms. Doolittle, it’s sad to see
How the contest turned to look for popularity
There was the Phil Stacey craze
And the infamous Sanjaya fever
I wasn’t amazed
I just wished they’re over
And I didn’t really care
Because you were still singing up there

And then something made me go “WHAT?”
When LaKisha’s journey ended
Thinking it was a brutal cut
My heart was broken and deeply wounded

Never thought the same thing could happen to you
Well everything in this sick business is almost always ‘out of the blue’
So Ms. Doolittle, I wish you luck and by that I mean
Be successful like the lovely Elliott Yamin!
Enjoy future stardom and life at Bel-Air
Just do not copy Elliott’s hair

Love you, Melinda Doolittle! I’ll be waiting for your album 😉

*As for Jordin and Blake, good luck to the both of you next week. And to all American Idol voters: BUY YOURSELVES COTTON BUDS BEFORE YOU VOTE*

  1. Wow. She really had you, didn’t she?

  2. lenje: this season, yes. nobody better than her and KiKi. *sob*

  3. and um… yeah i love to rhyme once in a while
    reading this post makes me smile
    makes me want to sing and whistle
    like i always did when i was little

    HA! 😛

  4. She’s the winner.
    Being the number one is just a title NOT the real representation of talent and skill.

  5. mikearmand: totally, dude. and yeah, getting voted off is prolly her luck. because the other two contestants aren’t really her league. maybe Jordin could pull it off, but Blake couldn’t 😉

  6. Anyway, at his stage, who cares about league ? The most voted will win, go on a tour with the others, record an album, and it won’t sold well ….
    While the 2nd or below (ex: Chris Daughtry) make a huge success.

  7. Ah, but there are two number ones who do well in record-selling AND awards. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood?

    After all, a one time success isn’t necessarily an indicator of longer-term careers. I, of course, am talking about Clay Aiken. He had huge success with his first album, and where is he now? (Though he beat Reuben Studdard on that account – I’d blame it on bad song title, kekekkekek…).

    *Don’t even know whether Jordin will knock us out next week. Am watching YouTube, and still captivated by her performing “Broken Wing”*

  8. Clay Aiken ? he just released his new album and it’s great

  9. lenje & mikearmand:

    AAGGGHHHH!! Clay Aiken’s hair is annoying!! Well, Elliott Yamin’s is too, but he sounds better than Mr. Aiken-who-now-looks-rather-Asian. What really hapened to Clay anyway? I think the plastic surgeons went a wee bit too far with him… hahahakhakahkkk!!!

  10. Melinda Doolittle is the best singer in this season, if not in all seasons, of AI. She has the best voice and singing technique, if I may say – despite her “surprise-ful” expression every time the judges provided their comments. I find this expression a bit annoying.

    That said, Jordin and Blake in the final is what I want to see although they don’t sing that well comparatively. Cotton buds, of course, will help 🙂

  11. it’s been about a week I haven’t checked ur blog and when I found out about Melinda got kicked off American Idol, I remember u…
    I still remember ur post about all 12 contestants when u were really into Menlinda and Lakisha… and I couldn’t agree more.
    Jordin is just 17 y.o without any experience and despite how cool I think Blake is, he doesn’t deserve to win.
    When both Lakisha and Melinda got voted out, my heart was broken as bad as when Chris Daughtry and Elliot Yamin experienced the same thing.
    man, can’t belive how stupid Americans can be…

  12. Blake is definitely has a “charming” and great performance on stage but I don’t think he’s good on CD.

    Melinda is great on both, I mean I do not need to actually see her performance, since listening to her is enough.

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