New Vocabs

In Celebrity Talk, Entertainment, TV Talk on May 17, 2007 at 12:36 pm

Woke up to an annoying morning Entertainment News on local TV and I suddenly feel like noting down my new and revamped definitions of certain vocabs in Indonesian showbiz.  Here goes…

1.  The Legend(s)
What aspiring newcomers aim to be.
People who are supposed to live like kings and queens out of royalty from their phenomenal work, but never see the real royalty money.
People in the music business who have more than one ‘Greatest Hits’ album that ironically sells like crazy AFTER they’re dead.
People in the movie business whose names are mentioned in major film events by upcoming movie makers, just so the public knows that these upcoming movie makers ‘appreciate’ their work.  Can usually be found living in houses without clear addresses so they are often overlooked when major film events are held.

2.  The Star(s)
People with BLINGs attached to them, that are so blinding, the public forgives their recurring fashion mistakes.
Usually travels with an entourage consisting of:  a personal assistant (two or three in some cases), a personal make-up artist, a personal nanny for kids, a tag-along husband or wife and a person who’s always busy with his/her cellphone, known as the manager.

3.  The Entertainment News
A show portraying scandals, in the most un-entertaining way.
A show with so-called ‘reporters’ (usually without any journalistic background) who usually throw utterly dumb questions like “How do you feel about your broken marriage?”

4.  Television
A device that enables us to watch great shows as much as feeding our minds with garbage.
An industry based on people’s looks.  Not brains.
Quite sadly, the industry I fell in love with and trapped myself in, thinking I could make it better.



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