Fashion Questions

In Fashion Police, Me Likey, Questions, Randomness on May 13, 2007 at 3:10 pm

Tagging myself from her blog.  Yeah Cha, I’m a fashion whore, what can I say?  HAHA!

Definition of your fashion style
I let people define it for me because if it’s rather indulgent to describe it myself.

Your favorite fashion items
Little black dresses.  Can’t have enough of them.

Fashion stunts you’ll never do
Mullets, baggy pants and fishnet stockings.  Eeeww!

Your past fashion mistakes
High heels worn to Java Jazz Festival. Flaunting the legs is one thing.  Pain at the end of the day is another.

Your definite fashion icon
Audrey Hepburn.  She always managed to get away with ANYTHING.

The most overrated fashion icon
Lindsay Lohan.  She’s not THAT fashionable.  She just wears expensive stuff.

The most overrated fashion items
GAP in Indonesia.  Puh leeze… We know your products are generic in the US.  Why the sudden ‘upscale’ attitude in Jakarta?

The fashion items that you’d like to buy
A pair of Steve Madden red patent peeptoe platform shoes.  My pedicure needs to be seen.  Seriously.

The fashion items that you recently bought
A very cheap polkadot retro dress from Orange.  You never know what you’d find in these kind of store.  Haha!

  1. what happens when 2 fashions whores are together? 😉

  2. bebe: us happens bebe. 🙂 mwah!

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