What The Fuck The What?

In Daily Annoyance on May 11, 2007 at 9:12 pm

I just can’t help using profanity as the title of this post. I was chatting with my friend a couple of minutes ago, and she asked me whether I’ve seen this website. I clicked on it, thinking it was a prank site… and holy CRAP…

I was truly appalled.

As an Indonesian woman, I am angered to see my kind being treated like prostitutes. But as I took a deep breath and tried hard to calm myself down, I realized that what’s written in that website is true. Uneducated Indonesian women will fall easily for foreigners of any colors. Not just caucasians. As long as there’s a man who speaks other language, and comes from outside Indonesia, he’s automatically TO BE SERVED. And this phenomenon apparently exists EVERYWHERE… and sadly they are now a business commodity.

I really don’t know how to react to this… I mean, I am clearly angry… but I don’t know who to blame. Blaming the balding caucasian who married a 21 year-old and got the brilliant idea to make ‘buying a wife’ a business? Blaming uneducated Indonesian women for being uneducated? I guess I’ll blame the government as usual. Yes the government that consists of people who said: “Oh I used to have it but now I’ve sold it” when asked whether they own an e-mail address. Dimwits!

God, I want to vent some more… but I just couldn’t get it out. Therefore I’ll just say this to our president:

Mr. Yudhoyono, Sir, I think you reshuffled the wrong ministers.

  1. im lost on the government people and their email addresses…. but anywhoooo yes it’s quiet shocking that there is such site advertises indonesian women in such a degrading way

  2. wasn’t it kalla who suggested women in puncak should “marry” wealthy arabs for a couple of weeks to get themselves out of poverty?

    not sure what all the fuss is about – this old guy just seems to be following kalla’s suggestion!

  3. hahah, people nowadays.. always money oriented

  4. bebe: it is degrading, as an Indonesian woman, it hurt my pride.

    John: Kalla apologized. publicly. i still don’t like him but as much as a dimwit as he might be, the damn guy apologized and retracted his stupid statement. this balding man’s making foreign men think very lowly of Indonesian women and it really hurts. what hurts me more is knowing that the cyber world is somewhat unstoppable.

    anima: money is one thing. degrading our fellow Indonesians is another. wah bo, ribet ya ternyata kalo nasionalisme mulai ‘kecolek’. pengen gampar banget rasanya, sumpah.

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  6. way……………. beyond stupidity
    no comment

  7. This is sad. And it’s more sad because, I guess, what this old man does is probably a win-win situation – for him, for the girls, even perhaps for Indonesian tourism. But not for Indonesians (not only women) in general.

    In the Suharto era, this old man would’ve made disappeared the x-files way. Today, there probably are some House members becoming his clients…

  8. Paul: yes. stupid, isn’t it.

    bleu: i know! so you know how i feel, right? it’s so frustrating when you don’t know who to express your anger to, because of the facts. dang it.

  9. actually i agree with u miund, and have commented it in a similar way to you on other blogs.

    but then again, another side of me says that if a couple are happy together, then who am i tell tell them they are doing it wrong…

  10. I assume you miss Little Britain season 3, then..

  11. hehe, what i was going to say here had been said by John :p

    well, what can I say, teh? is it that hard for those foreign people just to have ‘a wife’? so that they have to look for ‘it’ by internet? and paying $4000? yeah right!! just throw that damn money!

  12. Zakky: i’ve never watched the show. hey, cool blog you got there πŸ™‚

  13. money makes the world goes around …
    and for some people it seems okay living in a turned upside down world.

  14. I do not know what to say Miund. Is it because that we, Indonesian men, are not handsome and rich enough? πŸ™‚ What do you think?

    Once I read Kompas, our vice president Jusuf Kalla said, “Kawin kontrak antara perempuan Indonesia dengan pria Timur Tengah di kawasan puncak mampu melahirkan bintang sinetron masa depan Indonesia.” In fact, it seems “kawin kontrak” is a legalized prostitution to me. This statement was reacted as Jusuf Kalla was selling the Indonesia girls. He just told the media that it was misunderstood and to him the problem solved.

    In the same article, a young widow who was contracted several times said, “Saya pernah nemani orang Arab selama dua minggu. Lumayan, sehari dikasih Rp. 500.000 yang dibagi untuk mami dan abang yang ngurus. Tinggal hitung aja biaya nikah dan berap kali sebulan mau datang ke sini. Paling minim Rp. 10 juta sebulan saya mau. Itu pun paling saya terima separuh saja karena harus bagi dengan mami dan para abang.” (I wrote about this issue on http://www.overseasthinktankforindonesia.com/?p=9).

    I know this comment is not really pertaining “bule botak” on the web you referred, but it is about the dignity of our women and nation.

  15. Beni: JK is dim-witted, it’s clear. the incident was stupid. let’s not go back to the past and think of something we could do to fix foreigners’ perception of Indonesia and its women. i’m still in rage. but at least i’m a wee bit smarter than JK in voicing out my thoughts. πŸ˜€

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  17. Dear Friend,

    I have been saying this all along: the Bule come to Indonesia just to look for the maid-woman who they can marry. Oh, and Friend: also to get drunk at Blok M and be the lazy one and get paid more than the Pribumi.

    Friend, they always talk, talk, talking about human rights, but turn out to be like Sheldon. Is this what the Proklamator wanted in 1945 ? Is this the merdeka our ancestors fought for. Friend, the bule is welcome in my country, but I recommend he converts to Islam and takes pancasila education. That way he will see how to behave.


  18. Yes it is sad, and also home grown issues as well. The general lack of respect for women is appalling.

    Only Indonesia can even begin to fix these issues.

  19. P.S. – Friend, deep down I think Indonesian woman only wants to serve Indonesian man. It is poverty that makes her go to the Bule.

    As for ‘Only Indonesia can even to begin to fix these issues.’ The self-evident nature of the comment reveals a underlying attitude of supreme arrogance and condescension. Of course, only Indonesia can fix the problems. It’s so obvious to us that we wouldn’t consider anything else.

    There are some, however, that think Indonesia needs to be saved and that they are the ones to do it. Of course, this has long been a fantasy of the white man — to civilize the barbarous natives. I call it the ‘Tarzan’ fantasy, Friend.

  20. Achmad: You are entitled to your own opinion. It’s written and it’s clear. However, allow me to explain this one more time: I am angered because my kind is being GENERALIZED. As educated and respectable people who demand the much deserved respect and equal treatment in this global growth, to me it is not wise to counter the generalization with another generalization.

    This post was meant to open foreigners’ eyes that Indonesians (most importantly the women) are NOT what that balding perverted grandpa said in his website. And this post is never meant to start another war between foreigners and Indonesians. The physical war to freedom has ended many years ago when we shooed the Dutch and the Japs away from our land. Today, it gets more complicated than that. We want globalization. We want to go international. And we don’t want one silly pervert to ruin what we’ve built, do we? Thank you for stopping by but with all due respect, your comment is way out of the topic.

  21. Friend,

    Thank you. But I fear your comments lurch dangerously towards the ‘feminist’, which, in my pesantren, we describe as ‘kebarat-baratan’ (over westernized). Out of friendship, I suggest you to adopt a more Indonesian attitude, perhaps stopping in at the Dharma Wanita, which can instruct you in our Indonesian ways.

    I think the True Indonesian woman is full of virtue. But the one who is smoking, going to Nightclub, or even worse – drinking, neglecting her duties as Ibu and Istri, is the one who comes under foreign influence. (I’m not saying you are). Friend, there is not just CNN. There is the Al-Jazeera. My comments about The Bule are not a matter of Racism: it’s a matter of higene. Pak Sheldon’s only mistake was to miss out a critical step: properly converting to Islam, attending the mosque, learning Indonesian and taking Pancasila. After that – he can do what he wants…

    I thank you, Friend. Merdeka !


  22. Achmad: Thank you for the sugestion, it is very much appreciated.

  23. Thank You, Ibu Miund. I am glad you endorse my ideas. Do you think Mr. Sheldon could be fully cured by one Pancasila course or do you think it would take many ?

  24. Achmad: I don’t understand much about Pancasila, so it would be best if I don’t discuss this matter further. Thank you.

  25. Oke, Friend. πŸ™‚

  26. i say his only mistake was to create the website.

  27. Well, well…
    For Miund: a good start, good perception, though you’re missing the dramatic touch on the issue. Likely to fall into a cliche and sobber discussion (which turned out to be true)

    For Achmad: Sorry bro, no respect for you. I’ve shared a lot of more intelectual insights from other pesantren boys and you’re just not up to it. Better loosen yourself a bit you’re sounding like a relic from that pathetic P4 era (or are you trying to be one?)

  28. Pak/Ibu Jurig,

    Well, for you, learning how to spell ‘intelectual’ and ‘sobber’ would be a start, unless you want to make the intellectuals sob.

    We Indonesians need to unite to defeat the Bule when our women-folk are discredited in such a way. Did they ask our permission ? How dare they ? Ibu Miund has performed a valuable service, highlighting the absence of Pancasila from our lives and the damage done. Friend, I recommend you also to study the butir2 of the Pancasia, especially Nationalism.

    I also recommend you develop some basic English skills.

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