Waiting In Pain

In Daily Annoyance, Randomness, Silly Posts on May 11, 2007 at 12:31 am

Hmpf!I’m the kind of person who dreads waiting. You might say ‘well who doesn’t?’, but seriously, I hate waiting and I could be downright impatient. And when I’m impatient (or upset, or tired), my body reacts severely.

Like now, I’m literally breaking out of my skin waiting for my books to sit on the shelves of major bookstores. My publisher laughs when I called him this morning, in the end he said calmly: “It will be distributed next week. Calm down.”

Jakarta’s weather hasn’t been a great help either. It’s burning hot and it doesn’t really work in cooling my head off. To top it all, dealing with my daily work is like adding a cherry on top of this mixture of feelings. The imperfection(s) are ironicly: perfect.

But there is one good news, though. I don’t have to work on Saturday.

Sometimes I hate myself for being such a perfectionist. It gets to a point where I feel insulted when people tells me to ‘lower my standards’. I mean, why do I have to be upset anyway? It’s not my decision to deliver imperfection, so technically I have nothing to worry about. But really, I hate to surrender to mediocrity. Why do we have to be ‘okay’ when we can be ‘great’?

Man, thank God I don’t have a psychiatrist. If I have one, s/he would be making a hell lot of money just telling me to calm down and lighten up. It’s a good thing WordPress doesn’t charge me for yapping.


  1. Hey, what’s the title? I wanna ask my mom to buy me one and have it mailed to me… Let me know, please. I love reading books by people I know.

    What genre do you write mostly? I’m branching out to all kinds of genre, not limited to how-to/motivational. I may one day write a chicklit. 🙂

    Take care, girl, and be well.

  2. Jennie: To know the genre, please refer to my Indonesian blog – http://miund.com


  3. Another thing is…. i wonder why this people who does not want to be perfectionist having this eye-brow winking look to us who wants to be perfectionist? do you mind our own standard, dude 😉 (heiii, looks like i’m pouring gasoline to the fire :p)

  4. while you’re waiting in pain.. i’m waiting in ecstasy

  5. Yoo… I missed the last posting on your upcoming book! Congratulations! Make sure it’s sold in Malaysia too – I’ve got no plan to go to Jakarta just yet 🙂

  6. Ibeth: gasoline to the fire indeed… HAHAHAKHAKAHKAHKAHKK!!!

    bebe: you’re always waiting in ecstasy 😀

    bleu: thank you 🙂 will ask my publisher about that, and if not, will try to send a copy 😀

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